Elene Usdin

from series “Autoportrait aux matelas”

from series “Chaude nuit d’été”

from series “la chambre”

from series “la chambre”

from series “la chambre”

from series “la chambre”

ELENE USDIN is not only an illustrator who has been published in several magazines and has created some children’s books but she is also an amazing talented photographer who likes to explore self-portraits.

My images are like lucid dreams, incidental, like a game, words in a poem, staging the body and re-appropriating the space, the canvas, the objects arount it. I like to transform reality into a game. By changing the realities that surround us, the artist (or anyone) becomes a kind of visionary of a comic and playful world. To me, that approaches poetry; words become objects, the “furniture” of an interior that reassembles in a new way, creating a new order, a new metaphor.” -by ELENE USDIN

ELENE USDIN is part of the creative collective Hartland Villa that also includes art directors LIONEL AVIGNON and STEFAN DE VIVIES. She was recently awarded with the London Photographic Associations Gold in Fashion for the “fair-etale” series. She has also been awarded the 2008 Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards honorable mention for her earlier series “Self Portrait with Mattress”. She lives and works in Paris.

Anna Gaskell

Untitled#28 (Override). 1997

Untitled #90 (half-life). 2002

American photographer ANNA GASKELL uses her medium as a kind of stage set onto which she projects her  fairly personal exploration of the narratives surrounding the literary adventures adolescent girls.

To create these psychological photographic tableaux, ANNA GASKELL adopts a cinematic approach towards photography employing “actors”(young girls), artificial lighting and “framing” the action taking place within the picture space. Unusual viewing angles and close ups violent cropping result in a set of menacing claustrophobic spaces that intimate not only anxiety but a general psychological unease.

GASKELL’s work does not posses specific narrative but rests rather on a series of suggestive “actions”. She’s not interested in the beginnings of the stories; it doesn’t matter how the character got here. She’s not interested in the endings of the stories; it doesn’t matter how the story might end. She is interested in probing those in-between parts of the narratives, when the characters begin to understand that things might not work out well.

In fact her whole oeuvre is based on implication rather than description; it is this ambiguity hovering as it does between what is imagined and what one sees between reality and fiction that reinforces the sense of malaise and intrigue for the viewer.

Denise Nestor

Lepus ( latin for hare. It was thought that the hare could change from male to female at will. This is loosely based on that idea)

DENISE NESTOR is a graphic designer and illustrator working in Dublin, Ireland. Watch more at http://treesforthewoods.blogspot.com

Jowhara AlSaud

Dot. 30″ x 40″. c-41 print

Halos. 30″ x 40″. c-41 print

Airmail. 30″ x 40″. c-41 print

JOWHARA ALSAUD makes multi-textural images which combine drawing, photo and collage. This body of work began as an exploration of censorship in Saudi Arabia and it’s effects on visual communication: “While there is a lack of consistency from region to region, overall, images are highly scrutinized and controlled. Some superficial examples of this would be skirts lengthened and sleeves crudely added with black markers in magazines or blurred out faces on billboards. I tried to apply the language of the censors to my personal photographs. I began making line drawings, omitting faces and skin. Keeping only the essentials preserved the anonymity of my subjects. This allowed me to circumvent, and comment on, some of the cultural taboos associated with photography. Namely the stigma attached to bringing the “personal portrait”, commonly reserved for the private domestic space, into a public sphere.

By etching these drawings back into film and printing them in a traditional darkroom, I’m trying to point out how malleable it is as a medium, even before digital manipulation became so advanced and accessible. With these interventions emerges a highly coded and self-reflexive language. What also interests me is that the information omitted (faces, skin and emulsion) creates an image of its own, as do the censors to our cultural landscape.” by JOWHARA ALSAUD

And good news if you are in New York, you can see some of JOWHARA’s work at the Camera Club of New York in the show entitled “Drawing Pictures,” curated by JOELLE JENSEN (until May 1, 2010).

JOWHARA ALSAUD lives between New York and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

These New Puritans. Attack Music


Director of Photography: DAVID PROCTER. Editor: VID PRICE

THESE NEW PURITANS follow up the “We Want War” video with another new video focusing on bodies and splashes moving in slow-motion. This is “Attack Music”, the second single from the album “Hidden”, brilliantly directed by MATTHEW STONE.

Aurel Schmidt by Terry Richardson

Yesterday I stumbled upon this series of AUREL SCHMIDT‘s portraits by TERRY RICHARDSON in an old issue of Purple Mag (Spring Summer 2009, issue 11). Do I need to notice that I love them? ;-) And when I love, I share!

If you’re not familiar with AUREL SCHMIDT, she is a self-taught artist from Vancouver who decided in 2005  to move in New York City and after a group show curated by TIM BARBER, two acquisitions by renowned European collector DAKIS JOANNOU…she went from oblivion to showing her works at the Spencer Brownstone gallery, at Peres Projects in L.A. (2007) and Deitch Projects (2008) and having them included in the Saatchi Collection.

AUREL SCHMIDT creates intricately detailed drawings include objects and creatures such as flies, condoms, and cigarette butts that are pieced together to form larger figures. She relates her interest in finding the beauty in ugliness to the idea of the human condition as a cyclical process of renewal and decay. By using the detritus of our lives as the building blocks for her subjects, SCHMIDT ’s work becomes a sort of memento mori—a reminder of our own vulnerability and mortality.- by Whitney Museum


From Brazil, With Love Studio

FROM BRAZIL, WITH LOVE STUDIO creates daily artworks from the best magazines and photographers around the world. It’ all about DIY baby!

Tim Green

Don’t Panic poster competition on the theme of “Television”. Vote for him here

TIM GREEN from Leeds (England) is creating some very rad work with digital collages. Check out his portfolio and more at http://destroywerk.com/

found via kitsunenoir.com/

Landon Metz

collage. untitled. 2009. mixed media. 7.4″ x 7.5″

collage. untitled. 2009. mixed media. 7.5″ x 5″

collage. untitled. 2009. mixed media. 10″ x 6.5″

collage. untitled. 2009. mixed media. 8″ x 6″

Los Angeles based multi-media artist LANDON METZ in four facts:

  1. In 2009, he founded The Company of People, a portfolio website featuring creatives in photography, illustration, sculpture, music and film
  2. He was part of design team Badass Magic with ANDY DIXON (this collaboration led to a diverse amount of work including a collection of T-shirts for the record company Dim Mak, and album artwork and videos for musician Secret Mommy
  3. LANDON METZis also a designer for the clothing company American Apparel, creating in-store graphics and fabric prints amongst other creative projects
  4. He often collaborates with his wife HANNAH KRISTINA METZ: watch their ongoing project at http://www.hannahandlandon.com/

May be it’s better to ask what he didn’t make ;-)

Doug Aitken

migration. 2008
production still. © 303 Gallery, New York, 2010

migration. 2008
production still. © 303 Gallery, New York, 2010

migration. 2008
production still. © 303 Gallery, New York, 2010

migration (empire installation). 2008. installation view at 303 Gallery
3 channel video projection. 3 billboards: approx. 120 x 180 x 15 inches each
duration: 24:28. © 303 Gallery, New York, 2010

migration. video by 303 Gallery

DOUG AITKEN‘s art encompasses photography, installation, multi-screen video and architecture. He likes to use conventions of the big screen to explore American ideology. He is also very interested in the structures of sound and music and how music can seduce one moment and attack the next time. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.

For the inaugural exhibition in 303 Gallery‘s 21st street space (September 2008), DOUG AITKEN presents “Migration”, the first in a 3-part cycle of audio-visual installations titled “Empire.” In “Migration” the movements of wild North American migratory animals are transposed upon the ubiquitous space of modern roadside hotels and motels. As the wild birds and animals inhabit these mysteriously vacant and sterile interiors we’re taken on a haunting odyssey through the contemporary American landscape. With the film alternating between three billboards within the gallery space, the viewer is left to determine his own place in the often desolate and alienating transitory spaces which man inhabits, all the while supplementing the footage with a dramatic soundtrack. –  by 303 Gallery

Also in October of 2009, AITKEN’s Sonic Pavilion opened to the public. The pavilion is located in the forested hills of Brazil, as part of a new cultural institute and museum, the Instituto Cultural Inhotim. The pavilion provides a communal space to listen to the sounds of the earth as they are recorded through specialized microphones buried a mile deep into the ground and carried back into the pavilion through a number of speakers. The sound heard inside the pavilion is an amplified live feed of the moving interior of the earth.

His work is really something that I want to see and experience. An advice: don’t miss the video above; simply amazing. Enjoy!

ps. the first picture with the buffalo is haunting me!

Beckmans College. Fanny Olas

In a perfect world… serious matters come in glitter. Direction, art direction & production: HANNA ANDERSSON, LINN MORK & DAVID WICKSTRÖM. Fashion Design: FANNY OLAS

This video is part of the project “In A Perfect World“; an exhibition at PUB* Stockholm , where the works of the final year students in Fashion and Advertising and Graphic Design at Beckmans College of Design have been featured. The shared result consisted of 12 collections, 12 fashion films and 12 statements starting with “In a perfect world…” (stay on WFW and read more about this project).

And yeah, I’m agree: In a perfect world, serious matters come in glitter!

Jackie Young

Since I discovered  JACKIE YOUNG‘s work a week ago, her images are stuck in my mind. This young photographer, who was born during a tornado in may of 1982, received her BA in english literature and photography from St. Edward’s University in 2005. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

I have read that if you want to impress her, shoot just as often and just as carefully as she does.

Enough said. Now it’s your time to enter in her world made up of travels, love letters, sunstrokes, parties and friends!

found via http://www.thatdoesnot.com/

Shobo Shobo

MEHDI HERZBERG aka SHOBO SHOBO is an amazing French illustrator with a “copious” rich portfolio and honestly I didn’t watch all of the images on the site (more than 1600 drawings are waiting you!), but what I see I love!

SHOBO SHOBO shares his works through illustration, T-shirt design, installation, fanszines and there are some nice goodies (including desktop icons) on his page too.


Martine Mathijsen

Screenprint. Installation: 300 x 160 cm
Poster: 70 x 48.5 cm

Four facts that you need to know about Netherland-based MARTINE MATHIJSEN:

  1. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works as a freelance graphic designer and likes to work with (cultural) institutions, corporations
    and individuals who need a creative solution.
  2. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works on diverse projects that relate to print design; like book-, poster- and identity-design, graphic installations and exhibition design.
  3. MARTINE MATHIJSEN combines a mixture of an experimental, innovative character with a concept-driven design approach. Defined as pure, typographic, tactile and dimensional.
  4. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU (presented above) is a new concept for dynamic, interactive posters. The posters arise during a period of time while passers-by tear off a part of the poster. It is also her graduation project at ArtEZ Art & Design, Arnhem.

Thank you MARTINE!

Olga Feldman

rainbow body

OLGA FELDMAN is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Stunning!

Watch more at http://www.behance.net/LinzzaFeldman

found via todayandtomorrow.net/