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In a perfect world… TEASER from Beckmans College of Design

Last week I received a very nice message from PHILIPPE TEMPELMAN, a student in advertising and graphic design at Beckmans College (Stockholm), regarding an upcoming exhibition entitled “In a Perfect World” at PUB* Stockholm.

The exhibition features the work of the final year students in Fashion and Advertising and Graphic Design at Beckmans College of Design:

  • twelve fashion students present visionary collections of 3 outfits, each with an ambition to add something to the fashion system. What would we change if we could? What if fashion were different? Each student has been given the chance to make their personal statement, and creative freedom to explore his or her personal relationship to the current norms of the fashion world.
  • Fifteen students in Advertising and Graphic Design have worked on issues related to how fashion is communicated. They have also created the concept and strategic platform of the exhibition and created fashion films to visualize the concepts of the fashion students

  • The shared result consists of 12 collections, 12 fashion films and 12 statements starting with “In a perfect world”.

The exhibition takes place between the 28th of January to the 7th of February, coinciding with Fashion Week by Berns. And good news the exhibition will also be available in digital format at from the 28th of January.

For more pictures, projects and infos, just click here (don’t miss that because it’s sincerely very good!)

*PUB is one of the major department stores in Stockholm, Sweden

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