Beckmans College. Fanny Olas

In a perfect world… serious matters come in glitter. Direction, art direction & production: HANNA ANDERSSON, LINN MORK & DAVID WICKSTRÖM. Fashion Design: FANNY OLAS

This video is part of the project “In A Perfect World“; an exhibition at PUB* Stockholm , where the works of the final year students in Fashion and Advertising and Graphic Design at Beckmans College of Design have been featured. The shared result consisted of 12 collections, 12 fashion films and 12 statements starting with “In a perfect world…” (stay on WFW and read more about this project).

And yeah, I’m agree: In a perfect world, serious matters come in glitter!

Jackie Young

Since I discovered  JACKIE YOUNG‘s work a week ago, her images are stuck in my mind. This young photographer, who was born during a tornado in may of 1982, received her BA in english literature and photography from St. Edward’s University in 2005. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

I have read that if you want to impress her, shoot just as often and just as carefully as she does.

Enough said. Now it’s your time to enter in her world made up of travels, love letters, sunstrokes, parties and friends!

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Shobo Shobo

MEHDI HERZBERG aka SHOBO SHOBO is an amazing French illustrator with a “copious” rich portfolio and honestly I didn’t watch all of the images on the site (more than 1600 drawings are waiting you!), but what I see I love!

SHOBO SHOBO shares his works through illustration, T-shirt design, installation, fanszines and there are some nice goodies (including desktop icons) on his page too.


Martine Mathijsen

Screenprint. Installation: 300 x 160 cm
Poster: 70 x 48.5 cm

Four facts that you need to know about Netherland-based MARTINE MATHIJSEN:

  1. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works as a freelance graphic designer and likes to work with (cultural) institutions, corporations
    and individuals who need a creative solution.
  2. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works on diverse projects that relate to print design; like book-, poster- and identity-design, graphic installations and exhibition design.
  3. MARTINE MATHIJSEN combines a mixture of an experimental, innovative character with a concept-driven design approach. Defined as pure, typographic, tactile and dimensional.
  4. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU (presented above) is a new concept for dynamic, interactive posters. The posters arise during a period of time while passers-by tear off a part of the poster. It is also her graduation project at ArtEZ Art & Design, Arnhem.

Thank you MARTINE!

Olga Feldman

rainbow body

OLGA FELDMAN is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Stunning!

Watch more at

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Allyson Mellberg

ALLYSON MELLBERG creates haunting portrait series of physically mutated boys and girls. Her work is inspired by the daily misuse of chemicals in our society and in keeping with her awarness uses non-toxic and often homemade materials.

The drawings are both grotesque and beautiful, reeling you in with their fine line details, walnut-ink washes and sympathetic looks. Elephantitus-like mutations grow out of armpits and faces, hair comes alive and grows arms and tails that lovingly wrap around the heads of these sullen children. In October 2004, ALLYSON MELLBERG started the “Shampoo Girls”, a series of drawings named after chemicals found in women’s beauty products that are known to modify hormones. With names like “Ethyl of PVM”, “Laureth”, and “Sorbitan”, she envisioned this modification as a physical mutation, making drawings that embody that notion. In keeping with the idea that we should think about the chemicals we use daily, she uses only non-toxic (and as often as possible homemade) materials to make her drawings, prints, and sculptures.

ALLYSON MELLBERG lives and works in Charlottsville and shares her work through art shows, zines and prints.

And good news: she is part of the exhibition “Pen to Paper”, a show suggested by LARS DENICKE and PETER THALER from PICTOPLASMA ( in Paris at Galerie L.J during the month of May)

Monika Grzymala

Part of the exhibition “Freeing the Line”. curated by CATHERINE DE ZEGHER. Transition. 2006. Three dimensional drawing
Black and white masking tape of 8.3km
Dimensions variable

Born in Poland and living in Berlin, MONIKA GRZYMALA create beautiful and intricate site-specific installations which are somewhere between architectural interventions and immense line drawings. Using kilometers (she describes each drawing in space in terms of kilometres of used line which references the personal investment of time and energy) of sticky tape, she builds up a complex web of lines determined by the architectural space around her creating a massive three-dimensional drawing.

Watch more project on her website:

Sofi Zezmer

American Dream LS1, Pink. 2009. Plastic, metal
11 3/4 x 9 7/8 x 7 1/8 inches (30 x 25 x 18 cm)
Courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York

Hints & Allegations LS1. 2009Plastic, metal, nylon and glass
8 1/4 x 8 1/4 x 7 1/8 inches (21 x 21 x 18 cm)
Courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York

Installation View “Remote Control”. 2010
Courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York

Leedom. 2007. Metal, plastic and glass
24 x 11 3/4 x 16 1/8 inches (61 x 30 x 41 cm)
Courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York

SOFI ZEZMER is a Polish artist who currently exhibits a series of hybrid sculptures, photography and drawings at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York. She draws inspiration from biochemistry, quantum mechanics, space travel, and genetic stem cell research to create color-saturated, precision-made pieces which nevertheless suggest an organic fragility. For these half sculptures, half hybrid micro organisms, she uses common materials such as packing materials, construction netting, film, foil, bicycle elements , cable ties or funnels-

According to SOFI ZEZMER, her original intention was to shift the common definition of the objects we use to inform our everyday lives and confront the viewer with his or her own relationship to consumption, mass production and overflow. That’s why her recent creations are intended to work as interactive sites, inviting simultaneously accessible multiple viewpoints.

“Remote Control” is the third solo exhibition of SOFI ZEZMER at Mike Weiss Gallery and will run until 3 April, 2010

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Maelström Magazine

Few weeks ago, I met a nice guy* from Paris and incidentally art director and graphic designer which had the kindness to introduce me to MAELSTRÖM MAGAZINE (in fact, this new friend is THE art director of MAELSTRÖM).

MAELSTRÖM (pronounce ma-el-strom) is a bimonthly paper magazine with cultural vocation. Each issue is mainly made up of interviews of protagonists of various scenes such music (Fever Ray, Birdy Nam Nam or Feadz), street culture (skater Mike Anderson), tattoo (Yann Black, Kostek from Boucherie Moderne), photography or illustration (Elzo).

WFW loves this print because a special attention is paid to its visual and graphic aspect, because the content is precise and interesting and because the whole process of creating and owning your own media is a real challenge!

And good news: the new Issue (#5) is out!  (sorry for my english reader, it’s only in French)

* Thank you JEFF GAUDINET!

OZ Magazine

OZ 10 (Mar. 68). Pornography of Violence

OZ 28 (May. 70). School Kids Issue

OZ 9 (Feb 68). UFO issue

OZ 15 ( Sep.68). Jagger Cartoon

various OZ covers, detail here

Oldie  but Goodie: OZ MAGAZINE was THE underground magazine during the late Sixties in England. Originating from Australia where it was founded by RICHARD NEVILLE and MARTIN SHARP,  it came to England in February 1967 where the first issue hit the streets of London.

OZ printed 48 issues in a variety of shapes and sizes during its time. Misinterpreted by many as a “Psychedelic” magazine, OZ actually had more in common with “Private Eye” being VERY anti-establishment but with its target audience firmly focused on the emerging underground scene it scored a massive hit. The magazine regularly enraged the British Establishment with a range of left-field stories including heavy critical coverage of the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement, discussions of drugs, sex and alternative lifestyles, and contentious political stories but by the time Issue No.3 arrived it was obviously becoming visually very psychedelic.

The magazine continued in publication – not without controversy – with diminishing success until November 1973.

I hope you enjoy this visual feast in the form of cover art!

Sofia Okkonen

SOFIA OKKONEN is a student at University of art and design Helsinki. And yeah, it’s wild and we like that!

The Holster

I don’t know why but this week, I am completely obessed with small publications, fanzines, leaflets…so I decided to share with you my current addiction and incidentally my discovery, my gold nugget; THE HOLSTER!

THE HOLSTER is the publishing project by GARY FOGELSON, PHIL LUBLINER (both graphic designers) and SONER ÖN (visual artist). The website is an archive and point of distribution for publishing-related projects initiated by the Brooklyn-based trio.

It calls attention to the act of making, even if that act is really just stapling some laser printed sheets… Armed with laptop and printer, they publish in real time, straddling the gap between intimacy and automation.

And the good news: these small publications are sold via for a very cheap price (between $3.00 – $5.00).

I am not an artist


Starting with 56 animated GIFs directed by JOHNNY KELLY and MATT COOPER, I AM NOT AN ARTIST is a “in progress” project commissioned by Barcelona based Elisava School of Design.

I AM NOT AN ARTIST aims to grow and to be a platform with the participation of young designers and creatives from all over the world. So if you are creative, don’t be shy and share your gif!

Brilliantly simple and totally mesmerizing!

Maximus Chatsky


Kiev-born MAXIMUS CHATSKY brings us refreshing photos of parties, after-parties, trips, friends and other curiosities. Psst: MAXIMUS is also illustrator. Multi-talented !

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

EDIE MCKAY. Two Faced Melancholic Structure 09

Varnish and Spray paint on PlasterBoard/Filler/Tape. 30cm x 6 / 252 cm

Fanzine ISH #2. Plaster Saint

THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY is an artist-led project, run by artist VICTOR BOULLET in the centre of Paris.

The concept of social hypocrisy is an idea that VICTOR BOULLET has worked with over several years and debates the idea of a public mask and an inner reality: a concealed truth and an exposed lie. He highlights the aspects of intrinsically hypocritical social behaviour used to ingratiate oneself with others. This sense of exclusion, and the subsequent desire to put up an illusion of conformity, functions as the point of departure for the activities taking place within THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY. Over a two year period, a series of artists will be given the freedom to present work that debates theories of falsehood, pretence and deception in their many forms and guises.

Twice a year, THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY publishes a fanzine. These fanzines are neither publications for reference, nor books of completed projects. They are a means for artists to put their work in front of new audiences in order to invite input and discussion, thus helping the project to develop. They allow the artist to take a level of control and give a certain independence with regards to the traditional scope of the distribution of their work.

More infos at