Li Hui. Transition

Transition. Kunstverein Mannheim, 7 February-4 March 2010
photos © RENE SPITZ. Video: ©

“Transition” was the first institutional solo show in Europe of Chinese artist LI HUI. The installation at the Mannheimer Kunstverein consisted of a crashed car that was demolished in an accident illuminating by over 13’000 red laser light mounted in the museum’s ceiling.

This Jeep Cherokee has been carefully bandaged by the artist and the heat from the laser light releases vapor from the cloth into the surrounding space. The result is the visualization of two polarizing emotion in one picture: ” The idea of transforming something negative into something positive is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy. May be I brought it over into this work unconsciously. Also the influence of Buddhism play a crucial role, especially the meaning fo metempsychosis, which is expressed by the rising fog. This process of transition and change also gave the title to the exhibition“.-by LI HUI

LI HUI graduated from the Central Academy of Fine arts, Beijing. His extensive sculptures and installations consists of experimental connections of diverse materials such as steel, acrylic, LED and laser light and create enormous and dreamlike scenarios, being based on various philosophical approaches.

pss. sorry for my english readers; the video is only in German however it gives you a good overview of the process

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