wfw weekend #307


Rauhfaser nr80 (Royal)(1992-2016), KARIN SANDER
seen at Haubrok Foundation, Berlin
on Sunday, May 1, 2016
image © we find wildness

one pic thursday. Antoine Renard

30 - Antoine Renard - Diesel project space

BraveNewWorld study 2, 2016
automobile cold air intake pipes (inner cast), wax and fabric. 152 x 52 x 38 cm
image courtesy of the artist and Diesel Project Space Liège

This is a view from the exhibition I Spell It Nature by ANTOINE RENARD that is currently shown at the ghost gas station called Diesel in the outskirt of Liège.
BraveNewWorld study 2 (2016) is a series of wax candle sculptures which melted dramatically. The sculptures are gradually transformed, reshaped by drips and dribbles and dirtied by soot from the wick as the wax is consumed.
Among other works in the exhibition, this piece not only provides a clear glimpse into RENARD‘s concerns beyond monumentality but also prompts questions about materiality, and its control.
I Spell It Nature by ANTOINE RENARD is on view at Diesel Project Space in Liege until May 14, 2016

Domenico de Chirico pick #63

all images: courtesy of the artist and The Swiss Institute, New York

Early Man, a solo exhibition by OLGA BALEMA
on view at The Swiss Institute in New York
until May 19, 2016

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

Mark Borthwick & DIS


Un-retouched photos are so raw and sexy. Advertisers need to hop on that boat. — DIS Magazine May 10, 2016

In less than two days, I stumbled upon the question of the highly clean pics in advertising as a certain high-resolution fatigue. In a short text for Artforum, British photographer MARK BORTHWICK, who is best known for his experimental work started in the 90’s, speaks about his analog process and editorial photography in general.

The whole text is available via

Simon Mullan. Die Fläche

Simon Mullan_Bravo_2016_hi

Bravo, 2016
textile collage
183 × 137 cm

Simon Mullan_Die Fläche_install2_hi

Die Fläche, installation view at PM/AM, London, 2016

Simon Mullan_Die Fläche_install3_hi

Die Fläche, installation view at PM/AM, London, 2016

Simon Mullan_Edith_2016_hi

Edith, 2016
stainless steel, powder coated in black.
230 × 210 cm (3 x 70 cm panels)

Simon Mullan_Gary_2016_hi

Gary, 2016
white tiles, blue grout, MDF.
60.5 × 43 × 4 cm

Simon Mullan_Heat_2015_hi

Heat, 2015
textile collage
183 × 137 cm

Simon Mullan_Indian Summer_2016_hi

Indian Summer, 2016
textile collage
60 × 50 cm 

Simon Mullan_Josephine_2016_hi

Josephine, 2016
stainless steel, powder coated in grey.
242 × 210 cm (3 x 70 cm panels)

Simon Mullan_Marc_2016_hi

Marc, 2016
black tiles, blue grout, MDF
60.5 × 43 × 4 cm

Simon Mullan_Marius_2015_install_hi

Marius, 2016
glazed and unglazed black tiles, white grout, MDF.
116 × 89 × 4 cm

Simon Mullan_Robbie and Howard_2016_hi

Robbie, 2016 / Howard, 2016
white tiles, grey grout, MDF.
60.5 × 43 × 4 cm

Simon Mullan_Stefano_2016_hi

Stefano, 2016
black tiles, yellow grout, MDF.
60.5 × 43 × 4 cm

all images courtesy of the artist and PM/AM, London

I once read that one knows sculpture by what it is not: not architecture, not landscape, and, importantly, not painting. On the map of ‘what it is’, the work of SIMON MULLAN is located at the intersection of painterly abstraction and the object. His last exhibition currently presented at PM/AM in London, radically answered the question thanks to the title Fläche (Surface).

The show features MULLAN‘s ongoing series Alpha (2012–ongoing), a set of monochrome patchworks made of bomber jackets and Popularis (2015–ongoing) that follows the same pieced principle but by using white or black ceramic tiles.

Whether MULLAN is using soft materials or rigid components, the walls of the gallery are flanked with craggy geometric forms whose edges are hard, and junctions clear. His approaches mirror the impulses of American abstractionists by embracing a reduced palette and simple compositions.

With these two bodies of work, SIMON MULLAN offers no view, no space, no time but also no diversion. Additionally these pieces do not function as monochrome because of their clear materiality. The only natural light coming from these immured windows is given by their title which all features first name and thus offers glimpses of existence.


Die Fläche by SIMON MULLAN is on view at PM/AM in London until May 3o, 2016

one message interview #23. Sabine Delafon


SABINE DELAFON is a French artist currently based in Milan. Her work in photography, performance, and installation addresses representation of identity, social classes and power.

One of her latest project is entitled Fame (2014-ongoing), for which she is buying signs saying ‘I’m hungry’ from homeless people. She then photographs the signs and uses the documentation to create a series of works.

wfw weekend #306

oslo 10_kampusderkröten

as part of the group exhibition Kampus der Kröten
seen at Oslo 10, Basel
on Thursday, May 5, 2016
image © we find wildness

wfw weekend #305


detail from Supplement ’16 (Mixed Typologies /Male Model) #13 (2016) , CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS
seen at Capitain Petzel, Berlin
on Sunday, May 1, 2016
image © we find wildness

wfw weekend #304


Pizza Pizza Pizza (2016)ANNETTE KELM
seen at König Galerie, Berlin
on Saturday, April 30, 2016
image © we find wildness


David Hanes. wfw aware #30


Aware: after You, Me and X,Y, and Z (2016), CLARE KENNY
presented at Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
shot on April 16, 2016, altered on April 28, 2016 by DAVID HANES*
image courtesy of the artist and we find wildness

*DAVID HANES lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Birch Contemporary, Toronto.

➝ Read more about this special project for we find wildness here.

Domenico de Chirico pick #62

all images: ESTRID LUTZ EMILE MOLD, installation view at The Composing Rooms, Berlin / courtesy of the artists and The Composing Rooms, Berlin

I Dusts, a solo exhibition by ESTRID LUTZ EMILE MOLD
on view at The Composing Rooms in Berlin
until May 21, 2016

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

one pic wednesday. Heimo Zobernig


installation view at Malmö Konsthall, Malmö / January – May 2016
image courtesy of Malmö Konsthall

HEIMO ZOBERNIG needs no introduction as the Vienna-based artist known for stressing exhibition spaces thanks to minimalist interventions, abstract paintings, diy-liked sculptures and conceptual videos.

The image above is an installation view from his solo exhibition that has been presented at Malmö Konsthall earlier this year. For this presentation, he incorporated the temporary partition walls built to display works in the preceding exhibition, JOAN JONAS’s Light Time Tales. These elements have been left unaltered in their original positions. Additionally he added a series of structures which look like folding camping beds that have been recovered with black and white tartan blankets.

Please note that the Schwarzescafé by HEIMO ZOBERNIG is going to open on May 11, 2016 at Luma Westbau in Zürich. If you are in Berlin, do not miss the video he shot in 1991 from the window of the editorial offices of Texte zur Kunst that is currently presented at the Haubrok Foundation in the group exhibition BRD.

Karl Holmqvist. Tuff Love









all images courtesy of the artist and The Power Station, Dallas / Texas

For KARL HOLMQVIST, quoting is a way to use words to create allusions and interconnections. His last exhibition entitled Tuff Love which is currently shown at The Power Station in Dallas is no exception. The presentation welcomes the visitor with RIHANNA’s lyrics ‘let me cover your shit in glitter and a quote by artist SETH PRICE: Most artists didn’t know or understand their own motivations, even avoiding self-scrutiny for fear of scaring off inspiration.

In a recent interview, HOLMQVIST explained that he started to write by using other people’s words and thanks to an intuitive and improvised process, he selects things such as texts and forms that surround him on the moment. An additive process that creates an unstable sense of place and time; each manifestation of a work as the product of shifts that occurred then.

Tuff Love consists moreover of silver-coated walls and two sculptures entitled Tuff (2016) and Love (2016). The installation process of each sculpture was filmed entirely and is presented in the exhibition.

Tuff Love by KARL HOLMQVIST is on view at the Power Station in Dallas until June 17, 2017


wfw weekend #303


Forever Angst – Doomsday, CLIFFORD E.BRUCKMANN
seen at Milieu Galerie, Bern
on Thursday, April 28, 2016
image © we find wildness

wfw weekend #302


both: Untitled (1993), oil on canvas, The Estate of ULL HOHN, Berlin, ULL HOHN
seen at Kunsthalle Bern
on Thursday, April 28, 2016
image © we find wildness