One of the things I feel about the current art that’s being spotlit is that it claims to be subversive on some level, by imitating the culture that surrounds us, or the culture of people who are in control – which is ad, media culture, et cetera – but I think its subversiness is purely intellectual and it’s not visual. Because if you look at the work of these artists, their work has become the very thing that they hate or that they intend to disrupt or they intend to undermine. And I think it’s a joke. (…) I try to show my own sense of things and my own sense of time, creating a history that’s for me, or it’s a record of things for me – one that challenges the record we’re given daily, whether through the newspapers, through television, or through politicians. If I were a violent person, I would run out into the street and buy guns and go into the nation’s capital and start annhililating the people who I believe responsible for this pre-invented existence. But the originators of this existence are long dead. It’s like a machine that runs itself that can’t stop. – David Wojnarowicz, The Weight of the Earth, January 1989

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