Hannah Black

All My Love All My Love (excerpt), 2015

The Fall of Communism (excerpt), 2014

My Bodies, 2014
commissioned by MELANIE BUEHLER for Lunch Bytes

all videos courtesy of the artist

While browsing the program of galleries and institutions, I get excited to see that the gallery Arcadia Missa in London is going to present the work of artist and writer HANNAH BLACK during the whole month of October.

On this occasion, here is a a very short selection of HANNAH‘s videos which deal with feminism, the idea of the body, as well as politics, the whole coated with pop music and personal fragments.

I don’t think art or at least my art should aim to be activist. All I can do is to express a relationship to my own conditions of being. Those conditions are historical and I didn’t determine them, but I can think about them. For me, that’s basically what art does. I’m sometimes really surprised that people want to read my work as activist. I make artworks, objects, in an approximately conventional way, even if they are mostly videos. I’m always trying to drag big geopolitical or historical narratives into the realm of direct individual experience, and I even go so far as to find that kind of funny, that weird combination of scales: funny and also a bit painful.HANNAH BLACK in conversation with JESSE DARLING for Rhizome, February 2015

Not You by HANNAH BLACK will run from October 2 (opening) to October 31, 2015 at Arcadia Missa, London. Meanwhile visit https://vimeo.com/hannahblack for more videos.

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