one pic monday. Phillip Zach (clouds in the cave)


Wormhole, 2015
installation shot, digital interference

image courtesy the artist and Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles

A few days ago, the exhibition entitled Clouds In The Cave – currently presented at Fri Art in Fribourg – has been featured on the wfw instagram as well as in the framework of the wfw weekend posts. As a complement, here is a piece by PHILLIP ZACH created especially for the show.

Entitled Wormhole (2015), this work consists of a series of installation shots infested by organic forms which look like worms. Everything is digital: the views, the worms and none images are displayed in the exhibition, but only exist online as an extension of the show.

Clouds In The Cave is on view at Fri Art, Fribourg (Switzerland) until May 3, 2015. The whole series is on view via

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