Onlab. Summer School

Domus 913–933: Cover overview
March 2009 – Creative Direction and Concept: NICOLAS BOURQUIN & SVEN EHMANN Graphic Design: NICOLAS BOURQUIN
Publisher: Editoriale Domus, Milan, Italy

This is your last chance to participate to the Summer School by ONLAB. If you are not familiar with ONLAB, it is a graphic design agency based in Berlin running by NICOLAS BOURQUIN and THIBAUD TISSOT. They specialize in editorial design and were a co-founder of etc. publication, an independent publisher based in Berlin.

Some of the main projects of ONLAB involved the visual identity of the city of Tramelan, the redesign of the Italian architecture magazine ”domus” (see above), the design and conception of the German contribution to the architecture Biennale in Venice 2008 and various successful book projects.

For the first time this year, they are starting their own Summer School in Berlin with the idea to establish the missing link between academic teaching and professional practice.

The Summer School is in fact:

  • an editorial office that carries out the entire process from content production to editorial design and pre-press within 10 intensive days
  • In addition ONLAB will invite international guest speakers to discuss the topic in a cross-disciplinary panel
  • The working title for the first Summer School is “chronology of a failure”
  • 21 participants will work on 7 different aspects of the topic
  • Every participant will receive 5-10 copies of the resulting publication once printed!

Seems to be great! The deadline is only running through May 4th, so send your application now!

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