Marcel van Eeden

The Zurich Trial, Part I: Witness for the Prosecution. 2009

Dutch artist MARCEL VAN EEDEN produces at least one drawing every day since 1993 that he posts on the internet and also incorporates into his large-scale series. These extensive series of drawings – predominantly black-and-white drawings – combine real biographies with fictional narratives. His sources are photographs, many of them taken from newspapers or magazines dating from before 1965 – the year he was born. In this way, VAN EEDEN undertakes an almost encyclopedic exploration of the world of his parents and grandparents, a world he could not experience with his own five senses. In his choice of subjects, however, he deliberately avoids well-known historical events or locations, focusing instead on everyday places and banal situations which he reformulates and subordinates to his own visual narrative.

“Witness for the Prosecution” has been shown for the first time as a complete series (it comprises 150 drawings) at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. MARCEL VAN EEDEN has developed a special form of presentation for this new series, creating large-scale wall drawings that not only provide a striking backdrop for the works on display but also break down the traditional notion of exhibition hanging (exhibition view here).

And good news, he will presented his work “The Sollmann Collection” in Basel at Baloise Kunstforum during 6 months (jun 16- nov 2010)

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