Michael Paul Young. March in Thonburi

March in Thonburi. Creative Director and Lead Designer: MICHAEL PAUL YOUNG Paul Young. Assistant Designer: JACKKRIT ANANTAKUL. Editors: MICHAEL PAUL YOUNG, JACKKRIT ANANTAKUL. Soundtrack: MADSOUND

Director MICHAEL PAUL YOUNG recently launches his latest project “March in Thonburi“, an experimental short created over two years.

Originally born and raised in Tennessee, he lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand since 2007. After this relocation, he sought to expose the many sensory influence of his adopted country have affected him by the way of “March in Thonburi“: a rich sensory journey through an urban cultural atmosphere from the perspective of stranger in a strange land.

For the sound, he utilized the raw audio elements that he and his associates had recorded on the streets of Thonburi. Then MICHAEL MADILL of MADSOUND evolved these field recordings into a narrative under YOUNG’s direction, pushing and shoving the viewer through the confusing, intriguing, sometimes fleftening sensory environment of March in Thonburi.

You can view the visual genesis of the project on Flickr and his own website.

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