Benjamin Ducroz. Press+

3D, paper, inkjet printed frames, watercolour, water & ink. Director/Animator: BENJAMIN DUCROZ. Sound Design: SAMUEL ACRES

The video above entitled Press + is an experiment in mixed media video created by BENJAMIN DUCROZ. What may appear as a digitally generated animation is actually frame by frame composition created out of hand effected print-outs. Using 3d, paper, inkjet printed frames, watercolor, water and ink, the result is simply brilliant: shapes and colors explode in and out of each other.

Do you want to know more about the process? No problem, it’s here

BENJAMIN DUCROZ comes from Australia and graduated in Multimedia Studies at the Victoria University of Technology in 2002 as well as a degree in media arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2005. Past awards include first prize at the Pitsch Animal Competition, Best Animation of RMIT, Best Animation at the Lexus Inside Film Awards and the Best Interactive Artwork at the Victoria University of Technology.

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