Li Shurui

Photographs by NATALIE BEHRING/New York Times

This is a portrait of LI SHURUI, a contemporary Chinese artist whom the New York Times says is “quietly emerging” as a talent within the male-dominated Chinese art world.

LI SHURUI, born in 1981, began her career while still an undergraduate with an ambitious outdoor installation. It consisted of a long line of fabric cubes that stretched across a lake in a remote part of Yunnan Province inhabited by a matriarchal ethnic minority. Although she has since become best known for her paintings — air-brushed, semi-abstract images of music club interiors  — she stood out in a recent gallery group show for an installation work that suggested a cross between a Minimalist environment illuminated by fluorescent lights and an open elevator stuck between floors.

I really like this picture because, although the mask could double as a muzzle, there is nothing quiet about LI SHURUI in this photograph!

Below, a small selection of LI SHURUI‘s work:

Untitled No.2. Acrylic on Canvas. 180x240cm

Lawn in the Glow (by LI SHURUI & ZHOU SIWEI). Acrylic on Canvas. 180x240cm

Lights No.86. Acrylic on Canvas. 100x300cm

20100315. Acrylic on Paper. 37x53cm

Read more about China’s Female artists who quietly emerge via

Ren Hang

all pictures © REN HANG

Four things you need to know about Beijing photographer REN HANG:

  1. His work consistently captures the feelings and imagery of emerging youth culture in China
  2. Most of his models are his good friends who trust him and enjoy having their pictures taken
  3. About sex and nudity: “There is absolutely no deeper meaning in my pictures, or at least there’s nothing really serious in them. I just love genitals and I will never take on wicked thoughts while photographing them. I just want to show a different side…and I’m really passionate about the genitals of my lover” – REN HANG for Lodown #73
  4. Needless to say, he was officially banned from every gallery in Beijing

Lan Lan

Night for Night. from Strapazin Magazin #100

Yesterday I took some time to visit a fresh new exhibition in Basel called Wortbilder. Comics aus China (Visual Words. Comics from China) at Cartoonmuseum. The exhibition presents works of Chinese comic art from 1950 to today. Most of the works are part of the collection at the National Art Museum in Beijing and have never benn exhibited in Europe before. In short, it was excellent and I’ve discovered great contemporary young comic artists like LAN LAN.

LAN LAN is a young artist from China who learnt Visual Communication in USA. At the moment she is learning sculpture but she has also a strong interest in chinese medicine and farming. Sweet!

I still have gems from this exhibtion in my pocket, stay tuned!

Sabine Delafon

I’m looking for myself

Ex. 1987-2010. 600 photobooths. view video here

Patrick Delafon + Isabelle Dauphin = Sabine Delafon. 2009

Us. 2010

Search my double. 2005

SABINE DELAFON uses photography as a tool to investigate of time and body, identity and society, taking simultneously the roles of director, operator and actor of her works. Her art mainly consists of “works in progress” – living, breathing projects that combine the real with the make-believe. Each piece of work is a discovery in SABINE‘s life like her unique collection of passport pics entitled “Ex” which she’s used to create a collage revealing the many versions of “Sabine(s) Delafon(es)” or her collection of 170 diaries which literally contain her life to date.

Despite her introspective work, SABINE‘s work does at times involve the lives of others. Other more recent works have included asking people what at first appears to be a simple questionnaire. View more on her website

SABINE DELAFON was born in 1975 in Grenoble. She now lives and works in Turin (Italy), where she participates actively to the cultural and artistic life of the city.

Mark Peckmezian

all images © MARK PECKMEZIAN

Working within portraiture and documentary photography, MARK PECKMEZIAN, a Toronto-based artist and photographer, has developed an great photographic style focused on the intricacies of human character. His portfolio is very creativ, very experimental, but the pictures are really, really good. I feel like I should write a whole lot here about this, but to be honest all you really need to know is that his work is absolutely stunning.

And good news: this summer he has released his first book published by Pogobooks (I am *so* ordering one!)

Wilford Barrington

Canadian artist WILFORD BARRINGTON has been patiently observing and recording the faces and personalities of his times. In fact, he draws people (his models are usually friends or acquaintances) from direct observation. The conversations he has with them during the portrait sitting along with the different expressions and emotions they convey inform how the portraits look.

People are fluid creatures that do not sit still and their faces act as a window into a constantly changing stew of thoughts and emotions. What I see in a few hours can say so much about a person’s entire life. They capture so much more than a photograph.” – WILFORD BARRINGTON for FecalfFace

Marina Faust

Shelf at Song Song gallery. Vienna Artweek 2010. Vienna

Photographer MARINA FAUST, who has been working in Paris and Vienna for a long time, in the past closely collaborated with MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, now presents the exhibition Shelf at SONG in Vienna until 20th November, 2010.

Shelf uses the space of art work as the platform for a question of what a before-art or after-art work is, of what an art work becomes if it is in no position to be looked at. Through storage device, she examines a moment in the object’s life that is not its “art” moment, that is some place perhaps just before or after art. They rather become objects in-between.

Very interesting! And if you are not familiar with MARINA FAUS, here is what you need to know:

  • MARINA FAUST began to work at the age of 18 as a photo reporter in Vienna.
  • Between 1974 and 1975 she collaborated with Magnum agency, Paris
  • In 1977 she specialized in architectural and interior photography
  • She has been working as a photographer with Maison Martin Margiela since 1990
  • In 1995 she expanded her artistic practice into other disciplines by first creating an ongoing series of short autobiographic videos
  • Her body of work today includes videos, collages, objects, photo reliefs and photography.

Jean-François Lepage

all images by JEAN-FRANÇOIS LEPAGE © 2010

JEAN-FRANÇOIS LEPAGE is a French photographer who works at the intersection of painting, cinema and contemporary photography.His very personal way of seeing the world of fashion makes him one of the most recognizable photographer on the scene.

In 2009 to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the french fashion association ANDAM gave JEAN-FRANÇOIS LEPAGE free rein to interpret the vision of the fashion awards prize winners like MARTIN MARGIELA, VIKTOR & ROLF, JEREMY SCOTT  or GARETH PUGH among others. The result is a great documentary and visionary photographic essay on the culture of fashion (“Modernes: 20 years of contemporary fashion” published by Naïve, ISBN: 978-2-35021-195-4 NL 147).

Erwan Morère

Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie. Arles. 2010

ERWAN MORÈRE is a young French photographer, and his portfolio proves that he’s one of those people can turn everyday situations into incredible black and white photographs.

View more at

Jeff Burton

all pictures © JEFF BURTON

JEFF BURTON began his photographic career on the sets of erotic films, his photographs capture the idea of seduction and sensuality, without the crude harshness of explicit hard-core imagery. Nude bodies become abstract forms, fragmented and piecemeal, often placed at the margins of the frame. The sexual act is frozen and broken up, reflected in textures that catch the photographer’s eye.

His photographs set up uncanny relationships between people and their surroundings, and his playful juxtapositions blur the traditional boundaries of real action and acting, work and pleasure, fact and fiction, documentary and fine art photography.

Frederic Heyman. Exhibition


Antwerp based artist and photographer FREDERIK HEYMAN studied graphics and after also photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. For his pictures HEYMAN builds detailed tableaux and uses these only once for a photographic installation. Abstraction, humour and detailed visual language are always present in his work.

And good news: you still have four days to view “A Full Stomach”, an exhibition by  FREDERIK HEYMAN at De Brakke Grond, Nes 45 in Amsterdam, Holland (until November 7th, 2010).

And if you can’t get enough, watch his illustrations previously featured on WFW!

Kate Burnet & Dan Woerner

Nevermind The High Sign. 2009. Digital video, 4m30s from KATE BURNET & DAN WOERNER

KATE BURNET and DAN WOERNER make videos and installations and sometimes objects that graft our memories of the past and our prospects for the future from fragments of pop culture and other detritus. They are interested in creating environments that change our sense of reality while displacing us bodily as well as telling stories that are as old as dirt.

Interpreted from the 1956 short play, “Act Without Words” by SAMUEL BECKETT ,” Nevermind The High Sign” utilizes the pantomime format to tell a story about a character who is stranded in the desert and has only his dim-witted instincts to survive. Various props are lowered, they dangle in front of him only to be retrieved in a Buster Keaton meets Tantalus fashion. He plays the game despite his obvious handicaps and shortcomings. He reaches overhead and examines the tools presented to him only to have the futility of the situation prevail. Inevitably he contemplates suicide, but eventually he succumbs either in defeat or rebellion and stares straight ahead.

KATE BURNET and DAN WOERNER live and work at the east entrance of the 59th Street Bridge in New York and the desert of west Texas on the Terlingua Ranch.

Laser Magazine

Issue 03. September 2009. German/English
100 pages. 28,7 x 20 cm
black & white, Pantone 2725
printed in edition of 500
retail price: € 10,-

One of the best thing about travelling is finding new magazines. I so love it. Published every two years in the shape of a xeroxed zine by MICHAEL SATTER, TINA SCHOTT, NICOLE KLEIN and TINA KOHLMANN, LASER MAGAZINE sums up as a nice selections of photos, collages, drawings and articles.


Viktor Kopasz

all pictures from

VIKTOR KOPASZ creates individual diaries in which the monochrome images he uses – portraits, self-portraits, snapshots, still lives, and abstract close-ups – are digitally manipulated or coloured with aniline dyes. His photographs are further reworked with the addition of text – pencil notes and rubber-stamped slogans in Hungarian, English, and Slovakian – glued clippings, public transport tickets, and other miscellanea reminiscent of particular events or evocative of some feeling or thought. His diaries, each a substantial volume in itself, fit together to comprise projects, some of which have been printed as autobiographies (Shadow play, In the Jungle, Kertelö).

VIKTOR KOPASZ was born in Slovakia in 1973. He lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic

Isabelle Boinot

embroidery by ISABELLE BOINOT

The only thing better than the drawings by ISABELLE BOINOT are her embroideries (above). ISABELLE is French artist who creates and self-publishes several books, leaflets, drawings and photographs. She is also a founder member of Frédéric Magazine.

Her work is a joy to discover!