Daniel Robert Hunziker

Cover, Aufgang 2008

Always Late Where I’m Living. DANIEL ROBERT HUNZIKER

Building KHL, 2010

Finkenweg 9a, 2002

Finkenweg 9a, 2002

Grosse Gehege, 2004

Canyonuntersicht, 2004

Canyonuntersicht, 2004

Terrain, 2005

Klus, 2010

Riegel II & Riegel IV, 2010

Areal, 2006

Building VBG, 2010

Always Late Where I’m Living. DANIEL ROBERT HUNZIKER
published by edition fink, Zürich 2010
ISBN 978-3-03746-150-1

DANIEL ROBERT HUNZIKER is a Swiss artist who creates since the middle of the 1990’s subtle spatial interventions and architecturally inspired installations.

HUNZIKER has a particular affinity to architectonic situations and forms of suburbia (in his own words, he likes looking how things are constructed, how joints works and how details are embedded in a whole ), which he transfers to exhibition rooms as spatial settings and structures.

His choice of materials – industrial materials available on the market (such as pressboards, metal pipes, wire netting, etc.) and modular systems used in construction – is never random, nor the way in which he assembles them. Mixing nature and technical know-how, his works are not on a standard scale: in fact they often manipulate different scales and combine models with life-size structures, thereby allowing the viewer to take a fresh new look at his own perception of space and at the norms society imposes upon him.

DANIEL ROBERT HUNZIKER studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (1988/89) and Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (1993-97). He lives and works in Zurich.

His monography “Always Late Where I’m Living” compiles his work between 1995-2010 and is availabe online via the website of edition fink: http://www.editionfink.ch/

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