Reynold Reynolds

Two channel video projection, transferred from 16mm and stills, 10min.
Germany, 2008

During the Last three years REYNOLD REYNOLDS has been working on The Secrets Trilogy; a cycle that explores the imperceptible conditions that frame life. Secret Life is the first from the three-part cycle and portrays a woman trapped in an apartment that becomes alive. Her thoughts escape from her and come to life growing like plants out into the space around her, living, searching, overtaking her apartment, wild threatening her.

Without the certainty of time, the occupant of the apartment is unable to keep her location, and her mind neglects the organization of the experience, leaving her only with sensations.

REYNOLDS images appear to draw upon 17th-century still lives, with their depictions of flowers and fruits as symbolic allusions to the transience of life. The mix of sounds accompanying the images is produced through the superimposition of different ticking clocks, isolated noises and ringing bells. All this serves to emphasize the passing of time, which creates a narrative half way between hyper-realism and dream.

With 16 mm film, high resolution photography and stop-motion as his main techniques, REYNOLDS developed a unique cinematic language which he uses to discuss scientific and philosophical issues concerning perception and time.

REYNOLD REYNOLDS was born in Alaska in 1966.During his undergraduate schooling at the University of Colorado, Boulder, he initially studied physics receiving a bachelor’s degree under the professorship of CARL WIEMAN (Physics Nobel Laureate 2001). Changing his focus to studio art he remained two more years in Boulder to study under experimental film maker STAN BRAKHAGE. REYNOLDS then finished an M.F.A. in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. He now lives and works in Berlin.

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