one pic tuesday. Peter Fraser

Cheddar No 5 (detail), from the series Everyday Icons, 1986
© PETER FRASER; courtesy Camilla Grimaldi Gallery

This is a photograph I made inside a school on a Sunday, totally deserted. What I loved about this picture was the difference between these two blue buckets which initially appear to be the same but the closer you go in, the more you realize these two blue buckets are very different.

This points the finger at what’s so important for me about moving around in the world and coming across situations that I have never ever seen before. It’s in that moment that a certain kind of intensity, a flash of recognition of the importance of what is standing in front of me takes place. It has everything to do with the fact that I have never seen that scene before. PETER FRASER, January 2013

Two Blue Buckets (Directors Cut) by PETER FRASER has been very recently (re)-published by Peperoni books.

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