laterpost 1993. Olafur Eliasson

Come As You Are, 1993
Courtesy of the artist

Metaphorically and literally blinded by the lights, I never looked at the work of OLAFUR ELIASSON under a witty point of view until I stumbled upon one of his first piece.

Entitled Come As You Are (1993), this installation consisted of a modified projector projecting a horizontal beam of red light at ELIASSON’s eye level onto a doorway in a studio.

I have sensed a danger in phenomenology’s being presented as a kind of truth; there’s a tendency to detach experience from social context by justifying it as a phenomenological situation. And it is a more dynamic conception of phenomenology, of course, that has been a source of inspiration in my work. To me the greatest potential of phenomenology lies in the idea that subjectivity is always susceptible to change. I like to think that my work can return criticality to the viewer as a tool for negotiating and reevaluating the environment—and that this can pave the way for a more causal relationship with our surroundings. – OLAFUR ELIASSON in conversation with ROBERT IRWIN, March 27–28, 2006

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