one pic monday. Hayley Aviva Silverman


Bitter Water Playbook, 2016 (detail)
digital print on brushed steel, 116x92cm
image courtesy the artist and DREI, Cologne

This is a detail from the print Bitter Water Playbook (2016) by HAYLEY AVIVA SILVERMAN that is currently on view in the group exhibition Bitter Water at Drei in Cologne, Germany.

I’m not sure to truly grab the work of the American artist but I like to think that her work is filled with humor and irreverence. Through a series of prints, performances and objects, she goes for absurd assemblages and accumulations of symbols and meanings. For this piece above, she created a kind of ‘one page book’ which depicts a range of set plays for bondage instead of american football or rugby among other contact sports. HAYLEY AVIVA SILVERMAN entitled this piece Bitter Water Playbook injecting a rather profaned twist.

Bitter Water with ANNA BETBEZE, HAYLEY AVIVA SILVERMAN and WILLA NASATIR is on view at Drei in Cologne until March 12, 2016.

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