one message interview #2. Aline Bouvy


ALINE BOUVY is based in Bruxelles. Her work will be part of the group exhibition How my mom got hacked presented at DASH Gallery in Kortrijk, Belgium from Friday October 16, 2015 (opening) to November 14, 2015. ALINE BOUVY‘s work has been previously featured on we find wildness, read it more here.

Editor’s note:

one message interview is a new wfw project with a simple and minimal concept: wfw is sending one single question via a text message to an artist, curator, journalist, gallerist, writer, director or whoever wfw thinks he or she is relevant. The question can be silly, funny or more serious. The whole ‘interview’ is then ‘screencaptured’, backgrounded with a iPhone mockup template and eventually shared on the blog. The main purpose aims to question the reliability of interviews, to explore the text message as a creative format and to examine the authenticity of informations among others.


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