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AUSTIN LEE, No Fair, exhibition views at Isbrytaren, Stockholm
courtesy the artist and Carl Kostyál, Stockholm

No Fair is the new solo exhibition of American artist AUSTIN LEE that opened last weekend at the artist-run space called Isbrytaren in Stockholm.

There is little information about the exhibition but it seems that the show clearly follows LEE‘s grotesque and bold approach to painting. No Fair consists of a series of 3D printed portraits as well as new paintings including large works applied directly on the gallery walls.

LEE often begins his process by using an iPad to make digital drawings. Drawing, perhaps one of the quickest ways for an artist to translate a thought into something visual, is made almost immediate by sketching with the iPad. Drawing and erasing become swiping and undoing, enabling the ability to endlessly render and alter images. This method of working is inherently more visceral than analog drawing techniques, in that the hand is actually freer, unrestrained, and spontaneous, yielding entirely expressive results from what seem to be the simplest of lines. Mistakes, chance, and the accidental thus become central to Lee’s playful and curious explorations on and through the screen, and subsequently on canvas.  – KERRY DORAN, January 2014

Like for his previous works and exhibitions, he combined different painting styles and techniques on the same pictorial medium, lush and liberal application of color as well as different sizes of formats, which thus undermine traditional positions in painting with a tongue in cheek attitude.

No Fair by AUSTIN LEE is on view at Isbrytaren in Stockholm until April 3, 2015.

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