Talia Chetrit


Self-portrait (Pool), 1995/2013
silver gelatin print


Self-portrait (13), 1995/2013
silver gelatin print


Mom (Ocean), 2013
digital C-print


Mom (Window Reflection), 2013
digital C-print


Self-portrait (Profile), 2013
silver gelatin print


Untitled 2013, digital C-print


Imprint (from ‘Hand on Body’) 2012
silver gelatin print


Untitled (Turn #1) 2012, digital C-print
Untitled (Turn #2) 2012, digital C-print


Nipples, 2012, digital C-print
Hair, 2012, silver gelatin print
Nipple/Chain, 2012, silver gelatin print


Mud, 2011
silver gelatin print


Vagina/Vase Imprint, 2011
silver gelatin print


Vagina/Vase, 2011
silver gelatin print


Back/Grid, 2011, silver gelatin print
Drip Vases, 2011, silver gelatin print

all images courtesy of the artist (unless otherwise stated)


TALIA CHETRIT (usa, born in 1982) has created a body of work that questions photography and the ways that viewers perceive and understand it. She aims to achieve that goal not by manipulating photographs, but rather by isolating and decontextualizing what’s in front of her lens, and thus by transforming reality into a work of fiction.

The pictures are always a mystery to me until I develop the film and see what has been recorded. This “standard” was created from thinking about photography as a manipulation that is often disguised as a reproduction. This opposition is what excites me about photography—a permanent record of something that never existed. – TALIA CHETRIT in conversation with LUCAS BLALOCK, March 2010

More recently CHETRIT retrieved rolls of film she took of her family as a thirteen-year-old in the mid-1990s, re-cropping and re-editing these old images, and returning to photograph her family again. Those images are intimate portraits of her own family in and around their home and revisit a moment when taking pictures seemed to exist outside of any context of historical or professional knowledge.

Good news: her work is currently part of the group exhibition  Morning and Evening Asylum at Tanya Leighton in Berlin as well as at Off Vendôme in Düsseldorf.

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