Dutch Design Week diary #2

detail from Fluffy Obsession installation, graduation project (department Man and Communication) by THALIA DE JONG, Design Academy Eindhoven
photo © WFW

watch the video here

I have always been fascinated by people and their pets. So when I stumbled upon foto portraits of persian show cats, I was mesmerized by them. I couldn’t stop thinking about the people that bred these peculiar looking furry creatures. What would they be like? Since the showcats never look particularly interested to be in the spotlight, winning trophees and ribbons and all that, the owners must get some kind of kick out of it. With these videos that show ‘the making of’ a showcat portrait, I tried to get a little closer to the people behind their pets.

→ on view at the Graduation Show at Design Academy Eindhoven until October 30, 2011

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