Damir Sagolj

A portrait of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-sung, decorates a building in the capital Pyongyang at dawn, 2011

DAMIR SAGOLJ (born in 1971) started his career as a press photographer for Reuters during the war in his native city of Sarajevo in former Yugoslavia. He documented the conflict from within — as an inhabitant of the city — and from without — as an observer of the situation.

When the conflicts in that region subsided he was posted to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq, where he made numerous high-profile reports. His photographs of the coalition troops in Iraq earned Sagolj a Pulitzer Prize nomination. His work has been exhibited on numerous occasions. In 2003 he had a solo exhibition at Visa d’Or, the international festival for press photography in Perpignan. DAMIR SAGOLJ is is currently chief photographer in Thailand.

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