Bojan Sarcevic

She, 2010
onyx, 184×124 x 40 cm
© BOJAN ŠARČEVIĆ, courtesy of the artist and STUART SHAVE/MODERN ART

BOJAN ŠARČEVIĆ, a Bosnian artist born in Belgrade, is interested in the phenomena of
reminiscence and cultural displacements which, in his work, take the shape of clues
and allusions.

“She”, is a 1.7-ton onyx sculpture with one side carved and polished and the other left in its natural state. To acquire the stone, ŠARČEVIĆ travelled to the ancient Silk Route city of Yazd in central Iran, from where the block of raw stone was transported by road to Britain for carving and finishing.

Precisely worked with rectangular, square cut shapes and cavities, it suggests a semi-functional form: a hybrid of architecture, sculpture, and installation. The interplay of shape and man-made geometry effects reveal a constant reflection on sculptural tensions: fragility and resilience, weight and gravity, shape and texture, geometric and organic form, organic and mineral flesh.

Shifting between architecture, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and film, his work define and deconstruct architecture, generate and suspend action, engage memory and short-circuit it, all at an intersection of personal, cultural and social mythologies.

And good news: this piece will be on view during the exhibition “Silence and Time” at Dallas Museum of Art from May 29 until August 28, 2011

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