Miwa Matreyek

“Dreaming of Lucid Living” (thesis edit) by MIWA MATREYEK. 2009

“Glorious Visions” by MIWA MATREYEK. July 2010. With music from ANNA OXYGEN, MIRAH, CAROLIKE LUFKIN and MILEECE

MIWA MATREYEK is an award-winning animator and multi-media artist working in the LA area. She creates animated short films as well as works that integrate animation, projections and her own moving shadow. She is interested in how animation transforms when it is combined with body and space (and vice-versa).

Her solo video-performance, Dreaming of Lucid Living, won the Princess Grace Award for Film, as well as two awards at the Platform International Animation Festival: Student Grand Prix and Audience Choice Award for Best Installation. Dreaming of Lucid Living was also her thesis in the CalArts Experimental Animation program.

Enough said. Take a quiet 20 minutes and dive in!

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