Ilkka Halso

Untitled (1) from Restoration series
132,5 x 100 cm

Untitled (2) from Restoration series
100 x 136 cm

Untitled (5) from Restoration series
100 x 136 cm

Untitled (11) from Restoration series
100 x 130 cm

Museum (1) from Museum of Nature series
100 x 135 cm

Untitled (7) from Restoration series
127 x 171 cm

Finnish artist ILKKA HALSO foremost works with the nature and lifts it to a museum like appearance. By combining arts and science he refers to scientific methods and moreover he such comments our human desire to control nature and our environment.

In the series Restoration, large natural objects – trees, stones, (sunflower) fields – are encased in scaffolding and thus transformed into restoration sites. These images arouse a sense of irony: man thinks he can use his technology to repair the damage he has done to nature. In Museum of Nature, HALSO goes a step further: instead of individual, disconnected elements from nature, whole ecosystems are his subject. He constructs complete buildings around them, to protect fragile nature against pollution and pernicious human influences.

“I am looking into future and I am not very happy about that. I am considering these pictures more as visual pamphlets than estetical images. Digital process is constantly present in the works. I am combining freely photographs of landscapes and computer genereted 3D-models. Works are visualized building plans, plans I rather not want to see realized.” – by ILKKA HALSO

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