Alexis Gross

I’m a stoner vinyl junkie with a million ideas on my mind at all times. I’m 21 in 2010 but I feel like I’m 21 in 1972. My dad is a successful doctor/ ex stoner musician, my mom’s an artist, and my sister is an accountant. I come from a pretty fancy background that I’ve denied most of my life. Anything opposite of nice was what I was into and unfortunately growing up in the Hamptons there wasn’t very much of that going on. An all American Jewish Girl livin in Satan’s World is what I called it. – ALEXIS GROSS for Wowmagazine

Currently residing in Brooklyn after a 2 year stint in Toronto, ALEXIS‘ been documenting the adventure she’s gotten herself into filled with beautiful people and fucked up times. It’s as though she’s letting you read her diary with the photos she takes. Raw!

And good news: she just published a photography book: Grim Reefer Chronicles Edition 1. that you can buy here!

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