Dario Argento. Deep Red

Profondo Rosso (or Deep Red or The Hatchet Murders). 1975. directed by DARIO ARGENTO. Starring DAVID HEMMINGS

Today is the perfect day to re-discover or discover a good old school horror film like Deep Red by italian Film Director DARIO ARGENTO.

DARIO is best known for his work in the horror film genre, particularly in the subgenre known as giallo, and for his influence on modern horror and slasher movies. Deep Red is frequently cited by many critics as the best giallo ever made. It shows elaborate scenes of violence and suspense, with meticulous build-up and a visceral study of the mechanics of killing. Deep Red also marks the introduction of many of ARGENTO‘s techniques: discordant soundtracks, odd angles, rolling cameras and various lighting techniques.


  • In an attempt to make the movie’s cityscape at once familiar and alien to the domestic public each of the external scenes were filmed in a different Italian city
  • The closeup shots of the killer’s hands, clad in black leather gloves, were performed by DARIO ARGENTO himself
  • In one scene DAVID HEMMINGS walks past a tavern at night. The tavern is styled after the famous painting “Nighthawks”, by EDWARD HOPPER
  • DARIO ARGENTO‘s shop in Rome is named Profondo Rosso after this film.
  • On 16 May 2010 GEORGE A.ROMERO announced he is planning a 3-D English-language remake with a planned release date in 2011 (not sure if it’s rad but well see!)

Definitively a must!

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