I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper

I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper – Amsterdamned. director: TEEMU NIUKKANEN

I WAS A TEENAGE SATAN WORSHIPPER (yes, that is the name of the band) is an electronic punk / indie rock quartet formed in 2005 in Tampere, Finland.

Here’s their own definition of their sound: “Think about sex, think about graveyards, panic, the color pink, drinking wine in the park, leather, robots, disco romance, sweat and candy. Think about Johnny Thunders on speed. Kim Gordon and Kim Deal shopping together. Think about sex.“. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? You can buy their new album Strange Lights from this link, or go here for a bunch of freebies.

The video for the song Amsterdamned is delicious? Normal, it has been directed by TEEMU NIUKKANEN from the Finnish collective of filmmakers KENNEL HELSINKI. enjoy!

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