Kai Pfeiffer







The berliner KAI PFEIFFER draws, writes, and records sounds he claims to be “music. He likes to put his pictures, along with his words, in peculiar rows, so they can be called “comics”. or, “graphic literature”. Sometimes, he neglects to put pictures next to his words, which then are only to be called “literature”, without the “graphic”. At other times, the pictures aren’t accompanied by any words. They then often are still comics. But not always. Especially not so much so when beamed on a wall by means of digital projection. But he likes to contradict and calls those “room comics”.

KAI PFEIFFER studied communication design at the Kunsthochschule. He became a comic artist and comics journalist. Together with JOHANN ULRICHT, he is the editor of the avantgarde annual comics magazine Plaque.

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