John Casey

Dead in Black and Red. Pen and Ink. 30″ x 20″. 2007

Poker. Pen and Ink. 15″x 20″.2009

Sleeper Keeper. Pen and Ink. 20″x 15″. 2010

Bearing Up. Pen and Ink. 14″x 11″.2010

Toxic Appendage. Pen and Ink. 30″ x 20″. 2008

Gesture. Pen and Ink. 10″x 8″. 2010

Propped Up. Pen and Ink. 20″x 15″. 2009

Icarus. Pen and Ink. 15″x 20″. 2009

Through ink drawing and small sculptures, JOHN CASEY creates deformed creatures which are in fact a series of psychological studies of the artist’s inner psyche in all of its multifaceted incarnations: ” My creatures are called monsters by some, but I often feel that the connotations associated with “monster” don’t always apply to these little guys unless one can add descriptors like “vulnerable” and “fragile” to the definition of monster. Maybe I have issue with the monster moniker because I see my critters as self-portraits. Nick Capasso, director of the DeCordova Museum, once referred to my work as ‘little exorcisms’ and I like that description. The idea that I expel my inner demons in the form of drawn, painted, or sculpted critters appeals to me.

JOHN CASEY lives and works in Oakland, California.


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