Martin Pfeifle

GOLD. 39 gold chromolux cardboards folded. 2007 & FLUCHLICHT. metal, neon light bulbs, sand bags

about:blank. Galerie Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf. 2007

REINRAUS. Ringel/Garage, Düsseldorf, guest of ERIKA HOCK. 2008

large – walkable – circumambulatory – expansive – intensive use of material – residing in the material – non-figurative – pedestal – field-like – linear – two-dimensional – vertical – multi-part – folded – two-sided

MARTIN PFEIFLE works are cuts into space. Although they always relate to their location and are built in situ, his settings exist nevertheless as self referential sculptures. Pfeifles settings are sometimes difficult to take in as a whole and best glimpsed piece by piece and little by little, His work occurs with the aid of geometric fragmentation. He breaks down the things he sees as well as the things he constructs into smaller elements. The exhibition space itself becomes his topic and everyday possibilities are sequestered to resolve his artistic inquiries – by LENI HOFFMANN

MARTIN PFEIFLE is currently living and working in Düsseldorf.

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