Laurie Lipton

Veil. 1995
Size: 54.6 x 80.1 cm. pencil on paper

On. 2008. Size: 124 x 92.5 cms. charcoal and pencil on paper
Off. 2008. Size: 124 x 93.5 cms.charcoal and pencil on paper

Reality TV, detail. 2009
Size: 82 x 104 cms. charcoal and pencil on paper

The Disasters of War. 2003
Size: 45 x 59.5 cm. charcoal and pencil on paper

Watching, a triptych with doors that open . 2006
Size: 133 x 204 cms (open). charcoal and pencil on paper

New York born LAURIE LIPTON is heavily inspired by the Flemish School and started to develop her own 17th century influenced technique at a very early age (her talent became apparent at the age of four when she used to spend hours on her own drawing).

She uses thousands of tiny lines to build up tone and form for her incredibly detailed black and white (“the colour of ghosts, memory and madness” as she once stated) picture that deal with rather uneasy subjects like greed, religion, life and death.

At the moment LAURIE LIPTON is working on a show called Weapons of Mass Delusions that will open in California in May 2010. Before that you can view its works in person : Extraordinary Drawings at Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool (until 29 November 2010)

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