Harald Lunde Helgesen. AW 2509BC

HLH: Autumn / Winter 2509BC Co-directed by: CLAIRE KURYLOWSKI & JASON BRADBURY

This video present the graduate collection 09 of HARALD LUNDE HELGESEN, a young designer from Norway. He is the winner of the Swarovski Crystalized Elements award and also at the 24th International Festival of Fashion and Photography of Hyères April 2009. Last week he won the daily motion prize at the A Shaded View On Fashion Film 2009. A talent to watch!

studies at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth in the United Kingdom. He has based his collection upon the idea of excavation and has found the ancient Mesopotamian digs to be a favourable source of inspiration. He samples from the desert dust elements of clothing that are long forgotten, whether it be kaunakes – those woollen dresses worn by Sumerian priests –, or the outfits worn by the modern-day workers who carry out the digs. These latter individuals just as often wear traditional scarves, as western jackets. These combinations are temporal and geographical, and have guided the designer, as he presents the same silhouette four of five times, “unearthing” every detail, before finding a satisfactory result. This act of excavating, of scraping back layers, is not just a metaphor. As a result of methods similar to litmus paper – which is well known for its chemical attributes –, he has modified the brown colour of certain fabrics, revealing in an unexpected fashion, blues, oranges… unearthing a hidden beautyhttp://www.villanoailles-hyeres.com

WFW recommends watching this film with HEADPHONES or through SPEAKERS for the best viewing experience.


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