Monobloc Day

White, stackable, made of plastic: the MONOBLOC is the prototype of the all-rounder chair- and it is not attractive at all. Or is it already an icon? However, a growing number of designers are now turning it into a show-piece. A real metamorphosis.

The very first mass-produced MONOBLOCS probably came frome the french Allibert group or the us Grossfillex group in the early 1980s (after JOE COLOMBO in 1965, VICO MAGISTRETTI in 1967 and VERNER PANTON ).

Every 70 seconds a MONOBLOC chair comes out from a single press: 220 °C hot polypropylene is mashed through the extruder into a mold. Early anonymous MONOBLOCS cost around 60 dollars each, but as more and more were manufactured, the price dropped to less than 3 dollars.

And here, on WFW, it’s MONOBLOC DAY…I will try to list the new monoblocs designed by the well known protagonists of the design scene….stay tuned!

2 commentaires pour “Monobloc Day”

  1. haha! i never knew that was what those chairs were called
    they're pretty much the staple of every good australian bbq :P

  2. in Switzerland also :-) and my parents have this one in their garden! lol

    I heard that in Berlin, these chairs were strictly forbidden on the street, terraces, etc…no idea if it's true!