My very personal highlights from Festival Images

Ex-EPA, ( Bookshop, Reception desk, festival shop and exhibition space). Rue d’Italie 56, 1800 Vevey

LI WEI creates spectacular performances. Through his work, he questions our perception habits. It is a new way of seing ourselves, us and our entourage. (exhibition place: Façade BCV/ Place Grenette)

French artist JR is well-known for his monumental urban actions and exhibitions. This time, he has chosen pictures from the collections of the Musée de l’Elysée and reinterpreted them by reframing and stretching on the outdoor facades that serve as exhibition walls. picture by HELEN LEVITT (exhibition place: Rue du Panorama/Rue du College)

These icons and their references, diverted in this manner, now take on a new meaning. Detail. picture by HELEN LEVITT (exhibition place: Rue du Panorama/Rue du College)

by JR, picture by MARIO GIACOMELLI (exhibition place: Church Sainte-Claire)

The series Like Everyday by SHADI GHADIRIAN encourages to think about women being treated as objects. Randomly displayed on publicity boards disseminated around town, the series brings up another debate, that of the intrusion of such a religious garment into the western public space.

Galerie 22 bis presents the work of YANN GROSS & SEBA KURTIS. I had a big “coup de coeur” for the book Horizonville by Swiss photographer YANN GROSS (picture above) which depicts with humor and astonishment a road trip by moped in Switzerland.

Argentinian photographer SEBA KURTIS collects photographs from several series the main subject of which – immigration – was inspired by his extraordinary life journey.

Since 2007, ALBERTO GIULIANI is focusing on thematics related to the phenomenon of the Mafia in Italy. The series Married to the Mob is a true intrusion into the octopuss, known to not tolerate any intruder. (Exhibition place: Ex-EPA)

CHRISTIAN LUTZ is the winner (ex-aequo) of the Vevey International photography Awards 2009-2010. His series Tropical Gift is a real intrusion in the world of oil and gas business in Nigeria. Between 2009 and 2010, CHRISTIAN LUTZ investigated behind the scenes of power, where dominants and dominated play. He not only photographed the daily life of businessmen expatriated in the country’s capital (Abuja), e.g., their transactions with members of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, but he also took pictures of the daily life of local populations living in Nigeria’s delta, where oil extractions actually occur.

Breathing in a House by PAK SHEUNG CHUEN consists of a performance: for ten days, he lived in a small apartment capturing his breath in small bags that slowly took over all of his vital space.

Breathing in a House by PAK SHEUNG CHUEN (exhibition place: Ex-EPA). Make sure to check out also his second installation A Travel without Visual Experience: in a dark room, a loud-speaker plays the atmosphere recordings of the trip, the photographs displayed on the wall are only revealed by the flashes of the spectators’ cameras. (exhibiton place: Ex-EPA)

Opening @ Ex-EPA. A member of JR’crew with some locals!

I eventually landed back home, well, not really, seeing as what happened last weekend.

Like what we talked about not too long ago: I spent my Saturday exploring the streets of Vevey from top to bottom to find photographic gems. You’ve gotta imagine a small city filled with amazing photographs by well-known photographers.

And not only the choice and the scale of the artworks was great but also the organisation of the whole event is a real success (50 exhibitions in 50 places). Clap Your Hands!

Everybody adored it. Here are the images… Tell me what you think, and enjoy!

My last advices: when you arrive, go straight to the Ex-EPA (rue d’Italie 5) and grab a plan of the exhibitions. Then the city is yours!

Useful informations:

  • Dates: from September 4 to 26 September, 2010
  • Indoor exhibitions schedule: everyday from 11 am to 7pm
  • Entrance fee: all the exhibitions and events are free during the festival (except David Lynch’s Night and Rocking Chair partys)
  • Reception desk, bookstore and festival shop: Old EPA building, Rue d’Italie 56, 1800 Vevey

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