Christian Weber. Update

Man on Fire. Director: CHRISTIAN WEBER. Sound: BAIRD HERSEY & PRANA “Asana” From “The Eternal Embrace” © 2004

Man on Fire has been shown at The MUDAM in Luxembourg during the exhibition “Decoding and Deconstructing a Time Capsule”.

American visual artist CHRISTIAN WEBER creates stunning portraits with a “raw elegance” according to the artist.His photographs appear regularly in such publications as Life, Details, The New York Times Magazine, and Interview.

A growing collection of photographs that make up the Christian Weber Archive is waiting you at


Julia Soler. Vnfold

Here is what I know about JULIA SOLER:

  • She is a photographer based in Brooklyn
  • She has two website; one is her portfolio and the other called Smalltown girls is dedicated to all the brave smalltown girls who once left their homes in search of a wonderful life
  • and these three photos presented above have been for VNFOLD

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Virgili Jubero

Spanish born photographer VIRGILI JUBERO lives and works in Paris and has already worked for Metal Magazine, Cassina or Dries van Noten, among others. My advice: keep an eye on this guy and meanwhile you can watch more pictures of the exhibition at Cassina Showroom, it’s great!

Ryan Spring Dooley. Home III

Home III

Hey hey good news: Home part III by RYAN SPRING DOOLEY is now online. For the latecomer, Home is a project by American artist RYAN SPRING DOOLEY and since January, he creates animated films with a “handmade” touch about the concept of home  (immigration, speculation, procreation, sensation, vacation). Personally I’m addicted ;-)

Watch Home I or Home II and have fun!

Jérémie Egry

Les Oiseaux de Passage

JÉRÉMIE EGRY is a French photographer and a cofounder of Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes, a collective who supports the diffusion of contemporary photography and produces their own zines or larger collaborative photographic publications.

You can view more at Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes or at

Sten & Lex. Update

STEN & LEX making of stencil poster

STEN & LEX did it again! Created for their current solo show at the CO2 GALLERY in Rome, their latest series is entitled “Poster Stencils”. The show demonstrates works of the two artists, which focuses attention on their new and innovative approach to the their vision and use of the stencil technique. These works were realized more meticulously than previous undertaking, and this extreme meticulousness is becoming  the very distinct characteristic of their works. Stunning!

The video above shows their process of pasting up the matrix of the stencil, cut on paper, on a panel of wood as a poster. They then paint on the matrix in black and when it all all dry they destroy the matrix, letting some parts of the matrix stay pasted to the wood. In this manner the stencil is not reproducible and the matrix “dies” in the work itself. And this is why they call this kind of work Stencil poster . – by

“Sten & Lex” on view until April 30th, 2010 at CO2 GALLERY in Rome

Francis Picabia. Littérature

FRANCIS PICABIA (born January. 22, 1879  died November. 30, 1953 ) was a French painter, illustrator, writer and poet, who explored most of the artistic movements of his time; After studying at the École des Beaux-Arts and the École des Arts Décoratifs, he painted for a time in an Impressionist and then a Cubist style. In 1915 he founded with MARCEL DUCHAMP and MAN RAY an American Dadaist movement. In 1917 PICABIA returned to Europe and joined Dadaist movements in Barcelona, Paris, and Zürich. After Dadaism broke up about 1921, he followed the poet ANDRÉ BRETON into the Surrealist movement.

In the early 1920s the covers of a number of issue of Littérature, a critical review under ANDRÉ BRETONs directorship, featured drawings by FRANCIS PICABIA. These drawings were based on a distortion (détournement) of advertising images and they bore a striking resemblance to the improvisational and surrealist “automatic drawings”. On August 8, 1923 ANDRÉ BRETON received an envelope from PICABIA containing drawings, several of which he made expressly for the cover of Littérature. For decades that envelope lay all but forgotten in BRETON’s archives. Recently, these drawings were brought to light by BRETON’s daughter and have now been offered for sale as a set.Purple Magazine SS/2010

The rediscovered drawings are represented by Marcel and David Fleiss of the Galerie 1900-2000, Paris. You can view more drawing in the Purple Magazine SS/2010 , issue 13

found via purple magazine

André Gottschalk

ANDRÉ GOTTSCHALK is a Berlin-based illustrator and graphic designer. Since 2007, he works as a freelancer for several design agencies or publications. His recognizable touch is the connection between typographic and illustrative elements… and we like that!

Watch more project at


Pfadfinderei by Gestalten. March 15. 2010

Born in 1998 PFADFINDEREI is both a design studio and one of the greatest visual artists crew reuniting graphic designers and video artists based in Berlin. Their design encompasses a number of different media: initially focused on graphic design, their current work mixes graphics, video, typography, print and photography. But as creators of graphic image of the recording label B-PitchControl (don’t miss their amazing visuals for Moderat or Modeselektor), they also have being into international vjing for years developing the live visualisation of music.


Jen Gotch

Defaced 1 & 2

Three reasons to love JEN GOTCH, a Los Angeles-based photographer/stylist:

  1. she is addicted to her polaroid camera
  2. and has a blog about it:
  3. she’s currently working on discovering a way to grow money on trees, until then, she’ll stick with photography.

Jim Goldberg

Rich and Poor (1977-1985)

JIM GOLDBERG is known for his distinctive use of image and text, a signature of his work begun with the series Rich and Poor (1977-1985) presented above. It consists of photographs of people in their homes along with handwritten comments by them about their lives. This documentary represents not just the polarity of class but the particularity of human experience. More exposing than a nude portrait, GOLDBERG’s approach is however essentially collaborative – not a relinquishing of authorship (these texts are still the result of the photographer’s carefully formulated questioning) but an attempt to solve the problem of creating a balanced documentary. He confounds simplistic stereotypes of rich or poor by engaging the viewer with their essential humanity. The book Rich and Poor was later selected as one of the greatest photobooks of the 20th century.

Since 2003, JIM GOLDBERG has been photographing and collecting stories through a range of media: Polaroids, video, written text, ephemera, large and medium format photographs. Many of his photographs have been annotated, drawn upon or destroyed by the subjects creating a dynamic and unique approach to the documentary genre with a strong and thought provoking message.

JIM GOLDBERG is a Professor of Photography and Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts and has been a full member of the Magnum Photos agency since 2006. He lives and works in San Francisco. He is represented by Pace/MacGill Gallery in New York, the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco, and Magnum Photos.

Marcello Mariana

Zervrelia, serie Alpine Wanderer. 2007.  cm 100 x 120

Apuane, serie Alpine Wanderer. 2007.  cm 100 x 120

Cornizzolo. cm 100 x 120

Nucubidze plato. cm 100 x 120

Sasso Manduino, serie Alpine Wanderer. 2007.  cm 100 x 120

Tonale, serie Alpine Wanderer. 2007.  cm 100 x 120

Italian photographer MARCELLO MARIANA takes us on a trip made of natural and artificial landscapes but let us watch these environments over its shoulders:

Currently, my work as an artist is focusing on contemporary landscape and its interactions with the human being. In my pictures, natural and artificial environment cohabit.

The leading aim of my research is to document the sublime grandiosity and the violent contradictions inherent to the panorama that’s in front of me.

Focusing on social and human environments, I am trying to depict the majesty of contemporary natural landscape, attempting in some way to harmonize it with civilization’s intrusion. These are factors that could be often labeled as “disturbing”, but that appear so frequently in our natural environment to become integral part of it, even occasionally acquiring some kind of beauty.

The human presence, performed in every photograph, stays as a testimony statement, as a real witness of the contemporary, as a unit of measure of what the world is now .” – by MARCELLO MARIANA

MARCELLO MARIANA lives and works in Andalo Valtellino, Italy and is represented by Studio Guenzani. In 2007, he won the first prize at Premio Fotografico atlante italiano 007 rischio paesaggio.

Thank you MARCELLO!

Renaud Hallée. Sonar


Montreal based RENAUD HALLÉE creates narrative and experimental works in film and animation as well as being a music composer. He’s primarily interested in artistic constraints concerning language and structure.

Sonar is a beautiful mix of sound and animation, and is an official selection for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and for Sommets du cinéma d’animation of Montréal. The artist describes this work as a rhythmic cycle with abstract animation. Personally I’m speechless. Brillant!


Agnieszka Polska

Holiday with Professor. 2008. animated film

object 6. 2008. c-print, 25,2×25,2 cm

Death of a King. 2009. c-print. set of 4 photos (30×38 cm) and 4 copy prints (30×21 cm)

Object 9. 2008. c-print. 25×38 cm

AGNIESZKA POLSKA is a young artist from Poland living and working in Berlin. Her images are random photographs from the the ’50s and ’60s, showing “artificial objects created with Photoshop.

Filled with mystery and dark humour, her works are like postcards from an eerie cartoon past, vintage x-files, animations at times slightly disturbing or slightly satyrical and a touch of twisted psychoanalysis.

Watch more at

Jackson Eaton

were never married. 2007-2008

The Were Never Married project is a retrospective look on that relationship and the time I spent living in Korea. It’s quite personal and intimate, diaristic in a way. The focus of it is not just on the relationship, but also on my relationship with the city, as an outsider. It was the beginning of 2006 and I was in Perth and didn’t really know what I was doing. My friend who was living there said it was great and that I should come and live over there, so I took his advice. I didn’t move to Seoul originally, I moved to Busan, which is another big city at the other end of the country. It’s only a three-hour train ride to Seoul so I’d go up every couple of weekends. I also met this girl, Hasisi, not too long after I moved there, so I used to go up and visit her too.

Eventually I moved, and got another job. I was teaching English, obviously, it’s kind of the only way to make any money in Korea. Because of the girl, I guess, I ended up staying longer than I would have, most people stay a year or two, I stayed for nearly three, and I came back to Perth at the beginning of this year.” – by Australian photographer JACKSON EATON

JACKSON EATON‘s work is rich, intimate, fragile, comical and passionate. It is a story of love.