Rasha Kahil


all images © RASHA KAHIL

RASHA KAHIL is a Lebanese graphic designer and photographer actually based in London where she has recently completed an MA in Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art. Her portfolio, which ranges from photography and video to installation, has been featured in several exhibits since 2008. Additionally she held her first solo show last year at Zico House gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.

Her photo blog, la gueule du monde, features shots of her daily experience in London, Paris, Beirut, Berlin, New York and even Reykjavik; a bold mix of people drinking, dancing, making out, smoking, or simply getting ready to start their day.

RASHA KAHIL freezes her everyday and we love that!

Thorunn Arnadottir

Hitchhike. 2010. work in progress

In Johannesburg in South Africa it is quite common to see people making various hand gestures on the side of the road. The gestures are used daily by commuters to ensure they board the right taxi, going in the right direction. Looking at the public transport problem in London and other major cities I noticed that despite the somewhat ‘herded cattle’ atmosphere felt in the underground and bus systems, there is usually only one or two people traveling at any given time in five seater domestic cars. Could some sort of hand signal system be used to utilise the available seats in these cars as an alternative ‘public transport’?

Hand signals could be based on a landmark or social characterisation specific to native locations. This way we can communicate directly and efficiently, our desired direction and end location directly to the passing potential ride. The ‘ticket’ for this kind of system would be a glove to wear on your gesturing hand. The reflective pattern of the glove would make it easier for the user to remember the signals and gestures for each area, as well as making the traveler more visible to drivers in and amongst the traffic. The glove could work like an ‘Oyster Card’ and the participating driver would display a sticker in his window and in exchange be paid in relation to how many passenger he chooses to take on their journeys. The driver might even get exempt from the congestion charge. “-by THORUNN ARNADOTTIR

THORUNN ARNADOTTIR is an Icelandic designer better known for her bead clock created in 2008 (watch here).

Incomplete short stories

week 45: Reunion story. chapter four by TIM ENTHOVEN

week 45: Reunion story. chapter seven by KEES PEERDEMAN

week 48: invasion story. chapter seven by TIM ENTHOVEN

week 49: ill story. chapter five by TIM ENTHOVEN

week 49: ill story. chapter six by TIM ENTHOVEN

week 50: Pilgrimage story. chapter seven by KEES PEERDEMAN

KEES PEERDEMAN and TIM ENTHOVEN are two Dutch designer who share a preference for drawing and short stories. And after a visual conversation via Facebook while they were studying at Design Academy Eindhoven (TIM would create a drawing, KEES would respond to it, and a short story would develop), they have set up their own publishing company, Drawing Publishers, which disseminates hand-drawn images through the internet.


Winnie Truong

Some Self Restraint. 2010. pencil crayon on paper. 48″ x 72″

Ornament and Correction. 2010. pencil crayon on paper. 48″ x 72″

Spectacle. 2010. pencil crayon on paper. 48″ x 72″

Toronto based WINNIE TRUONG creates intricating, attracting and somewhat repelling pencil drawings. Hair Art is always quite strange; we can’t tear our eyes away like a good ghost story… don’t be afraid and watch more at http://www.winnietruong.com

Milano 2010. Day IV

Swarovski Crystal Palace. TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA

Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Stone Island


+ place: Two musts on the the Milan design circuit: Zona Tortona and Spazio Rossana Orlandi…and the petit +: Palazzo della Ragione for the Stanley Kubrick’s photographys exhibition

+ mood: “I am the passenger and I ride and I ride / I ride through the city’s backsides / I see the stars come out of the sky / Yeah, the bright and hollow sky /  You know it looks so good tonight ” – The Passenger, Iggy Pop

+ meteo: 17°, rainy

+ feet status: ★★★★☆

Enjoy my last day in Milano at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wefindwildness2

Milano 2010. Day III


+ place: immersed in the c.i.t.y

+ mood: “Secret of Success: causing troubles and being different”

+ meteo: 18°, rainy

+ feet status: ★★★★★

For the melted Duomo, it’s here http://www.flickr.com/photos/wefindwildness2

Milan 2010. Day II


+ place: let’s grab a beer at Salone Satellite, the part of the Milan show where emerging design studios exhibit their latest work

+ mood: “it takes more than a year to make a difference”

+ meteo: 19°,  sunny, cloudy, rainy

+ feet status: ★✩✩✩✩

Less is more? not really…Watch all the images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wefindwildness2

Milan 2010. Day I

Can’t make it to Milan this year? Fear not. I decamp to the city to bring you news about what’s hot. I’ll be your eyes during four days and I’ll try to catch all the wonders the design world has to offer for 2010 from the comfort of your chair. Happy? So let’s go darling!


+ place: Ventura Lambrate. This zone is a new extension to the fair this year and plays host to an exciting collection of exhibitions by the likes of the Royal College of Art, Design Academy Eindhoven or Studio Maarten Baas.

+ mood: ” You sometimes need a touch of vulgarity to break the ice. But banality in design, and especially the banal use of decoration can be fatal”

+ meteo: 19°, quite sunny

+ feet status: ★★★★✩

Want more? Watch more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wefindwildness2

Philippe Gerlach. Youremyhome

PHILIPPE GERLACH is an austrian photographer based in Paris. Youremyhome a lovesong to a mysterious girl called Talin who haunts the bookand the blog, http://youremyhome.blogspot.com/ from the first to the last page.

Youremyhome; no infos, just photographs and nothing more than love! Enjoy

Daniel Augschöll

Why WFW loves German photographer DANIEL AUGSCHÖLL:

  • He is the founding member and editor (with ANYA JASBAR) of Ahorn Magazine, an online publication about contemporary photography
  • Photography is for him an opportunity to feel a stronger connection with the world that surrounds him: “It’s like you are learning to see in a completely new way, more focused and concentrated. Photography for me means to look.”
  • His work is intrinsically linked to the landscape…that feels good!
  • and we love hot waffles: http://www.welovehotwaffles.com/ (ndlr: his website)

Thank you DANIEL!

Frédéric Poincelet

all drawings: ballpoint pen and typex on paper

French artist FRÉDÉRIC POINCELET worked as a graphic artist for ten years before turning to comics. Through his drawing, FRÉDÉRIC POINCELET narrates intimate stories; the lines are precious and fragiles, at once spot-on while subtly erroneous, precise in the details and free in the outlines, leaving a (voluntary) awkwardness from which emerge approximative proportions.

FRÉDÉRIC POINCELET lives and works in Paris where he is become an important figure of the drawing’s contemporary scene by taking part in the exhibition “Dessins pointus” and, with the collective Frédéric Magazine, in “La force de l’art” at Grand Palais (Paris).


Agathe Philbé

AGATHE PHILBÉ is a French photographer. Photography took her to Madrid, San Francisco, New York and Paris (where she is mainly based). On her blog – http://www.citiesandlights.com – photos of people, places and moments taken with different kinds of cameras, but always by AGATHE PHILBÉ are waiting you!

I really enjoy her delicate work!

Christi Nielsen

from “I’m Just About to Get Skinny” series

Los Angeles based CHRISTI NIELSEN is a multimedia artist who works with photography, video, and new media. She creates series of work that deals with body, gender, and identity.

You can find CHRISTI NIELSEN at her website, her flickr account (for her more recent works) and her twitter.

Zimoun. Update

Zimoun : 97 polysiloxane hoses 3.0mm, compressed air. Exhibition view: Schichtwechsel / Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, 2010. 200cm x 200cm x 100cm / 40″ x 40″ x 20″

ZIMOUN did it again! This new installation is based on air pressure which is used as an impulse to generate unpredictable forms in sound and motion. For this piece, ZIMOUN is collaborating with DANIEL IMBODEN  (technical development).

If you are not familiar with the work of Swiss artist ZIMOUN,  he is known for his space installations and sound sculptures, mostly including mechanics, movement and physically generated sounds. He is interested in common systems with complex performances. The mechanical components originate mostly from an industrial use and are treated and adopted as elements in his works.

More infos, installations & sound sculptures at http://www.zimoun.ch/

Donovan Davis

DONOVAN DAVIS chooses, cuts, juxtaposes and pastes photographs to create rad collages: a destruction for a better reconstruction! His portfolio is still young, so check out regularly for updates!

Thank you DONOVAN!