Fernando Pessoa. The Anarchist Banker (1922)

screen capture from http://www.csend.org/images/articles/files/20101009-FernandoPessoa.pdf
on May 19, 2018
image © we find wildness

The Anarchist Banker is a short story by FERNANDO PESSOA (1888-1935) that has been published in May 1922 on the first issue of the Portuguese journal Contemporanea. The text takes the form a Platonic dialogue in which a wealthy banker defends his lifelong commitment to the anarchist cause, portraying his career as the natural outcome of a clever practice of radical individual freedom.

The Anarchist Banker by FERNANDO PESSOA from which the above screencapture is coming from, is available online via http://www.csend.org/images/articles/files/20101009-FernandoPessoa.pdf.

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