Seth Price. 8-4 9-5 10-6 11-7

8-4 9-5 10-6 11-7, 2007

On the occasion of the first survey of SETH PRICE that is going to open at Stedelijk at the end of the week, I looked in my archive for some online and offline works that I have encountered during these past few years.

8-4 9-5 10-6 11-7 (2007) holds my attention. The piece consists of a ‘work’ mix. It means basically that it is an eight hour track which can be played during an 8-hour work day. Or not.

In a 2009 interview with BOŠKO BLAGOJEVIĆ, PRICE said about this work: I was thinking about work days, where different sets of working hours represent different kinds of work and different cultural areas: a union job, an office job, an art gallery, a boutique… But it’s true, I liked the fact that the track could be played perfectly, start to finish, during an 8-hour work day.

The track is free to stream or to download here.

Social Synthetic by SETH PRICE is on view at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam until September 3, 2017. Meanwhile I recommend to browse his soundcloud profile which is filled with past sounds, playlists and tracks.

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