Luis Ortega Govela, Olivia Erlanger. Hate Suburbia

lecture on October 20, 2016 at Architectural Association School of Architecture, London

One of my family myths is that my dad started his small business in the garage of our two-storey house in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. But if I try to recall the year he said he started, I see myself clearly in front of a tv being bottle feed with American entertainment culture, but not a single trace of my dad doing stuff in the garage. Not even fixing the mower. Although I can precisely tell you how long I needed to finish Super Mario Land with the game boy.

Contemporary culture had an idealized and globalised picture of the American Dream where a company could be started from nothing by anyone in the garage. My dad included. Hate Suburbia is all about this imagery and its architecture in suburban areas in America.

Hate Suburbia is a project by London based architect LUIS ORTEGA GOVELA  who is also one of the founders of the collective åyr (previously AIRBNB Pavilion) and New-York based artist OLIVER ERLANGER.

Please note that the book will be launch in New York at 83 Pitt St. on the weekend of January 28, 2017. Meanwhile I really recommend to read the discussion they had with BIANCA HEUSER for 032c.

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