one pic tuesday. Anna Weile Kjær & Esben Weile Kjær

installation view at Oslo 10, Basel, December 2016

image courtesy the artists and Oslo 10, Basel

Radical Togetherness was the title of the exhibition by ANNA WEILE KJÆR & ESBEN WEILE KJÆR that was presented for a couple of days at Oslo10 in Basel.

After having googled Radical Togetherness from my sofa, the free internet suggested that the term has been used a few times mainly to describe the fact of maintaining individuality within collective situations.

On the contrary, Radical Togetherness is meant in the exhibition in Basel ‘to identify the shared, merged and indistinguishable identities of siblings, close friends, partners or rock bands that go against the individuation process of neoliberalism’.

For Oslo10ANNA WEILE KJÆR & ESBEN WEILE KJÆR who are siblings, have conducted at DNA-test to determine how close genetically they are. The sealed letter containing the result of the test, some DNA memorabilia and a series of portrait of the siblings hung loosely on the walls, while some medieval beats were filling the space.


A video documentation of the exhibition is available on Oslo10 website as well as a wikipedia-page for the term Radical Togetherness that was also exhibited as content of the show.

Radical Togetherness by ANNA WEILE KJÆR & ESBEN WEILE KJÆR was on view at Oslo10 from 9 December to 13 December 2016.

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