one pic friday. Rand Hardy

SideCar Garden, 2014
aqua resin painted, 28 x 32 x 45 in
image of the Courtesy the Artist and Clifford Gallery Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

Meanwhile, on yet another side of the planet, or Hamilton, New York, to be precise, a group exhibition entitled Sessile is currently presented at the art venue Clifford Gallery.

Th curator of the show, writer and artist JOSH MINKUS explained in the press release that the word Sessile refers ‘to organisms that fasten themselves to a substrate and stay there, like mussels, barnacles, or coral’. He added furthermore that ‘when observing mussels covering the rocks along a shoreline, we know the water was there and will return soon. The mussels, by staying put, articulate a boundary, and the indeterminacy of what can be called separate as land and sea’.

Basically the exhibition aims to underscore how the sculptures relate to the context they’re shown and to the base to which they’re attached.

Sessile with GIULIA CENCI, RAND HARDY, EVA LÖFDAHL, K.R.M. MOONEY, NICK RAFFEL is on view at Clifford Gallery (Colgate University) in Hamilton until February 15, 2017.

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