I really wanted to make it nice. Really. While I was lying in my bed this morning, petting my fly Gregory, I told myself in a kind of meth-driven motivation: “Stop complaining about the system. It’s boring. Write something positive. Come on babe, you can do it!”

Initially my main concept was to create a text as though I was the Mary Poppins of literature on a ultimate extravagant cocktail. I mean, a blog post in which I would have magically blended excerpts from the biography of Dustin Hoffman, the program of the art fair, quotes from Andre Agassi while receiving the Nobel prize, the program of the satellite events, facts about the death of Bob Dylan, and the program of the booze. I would have discreetly managed to add my grandma – hi grandma! – into the mix. Eventually, a trance-inducing techno-beat, or even better a polyphonic score, would have been the orchestra’s conductor.

Everything would have made sense, everything would have been fluid. And then i would have just pressed the publish button on WordPress and at that very moment, a couple of dolphins would have jumped out my bedroom window in front of a honestly violent sunset.

But first, coffee.

It means:


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