“Just that you know: I am highly distractible today”. His message popped up like an adobe software demanding an urgent update. I was about to accept the implied invitation of a friend to drift away some time, when I had what I call a work-attack.

In a perfect future, sixteen days away, I have to publish at least six posts about an art fair I had agreed to take part in. From now on: one post every three days or so. In fact, I am already late with my first posting. My official alibi: “I am too busy travelling the world to meet emerging and emerged artists or to visit exhibitions”. One of my other ridiculous excuses – the one I am also using for my mom is that “I’m so occupied meeting advertisers, you have no ideas”. But the truth is less complicated: I am a lazy blogger.

In my defence, if I have to go in front of a court and justify my no post-contribution, I will in a total self-assured way answer, Yes Sir, I am lazy. But I do not believe anymore in this capitalistic system !” Which will bring him to the next question of course, “So why did you agree to take part in the most commercial event the art world has created ?” Then I will have nothing else to say but my paradoxical truth: “I don’t know.”

Fortunately the second message from my Adobe friend saved me from landing in jail, “Come on babe, just a coffee”.

It means:


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