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all images: JACOPO MILIANI, Burning Desire
installation view at La Plage, Paris, 2016

image courtesy the artist and La Plage, Paris

La Plage consists of a one-metre deep and five-metres long window transformed into an experimental art space located in the middle of boulevard Saint Martin in Paris

This truncated white cube is currently presenting a solo exhibition by JACOPO MILIANI, titled Burning Desire. The installation includes two sprayed-on-the-wall sentences that embrace a print featuring a lily flower superimposed over a portrait of voguer DERRICK MAGNIFIQUE as well as three silver fitness balls.

Dot Dot Dot became boing boing boing
A group of suspended objects.
Three spheres rolling in the air, they look motionless.

A ball is always still in between the fall and the bounce.

Throwing a Ball…will many people come?

I am looking
You are looking

Gaze on me

My head is upside down
My back lies on a Pilates balloon
This position will affect my thinking

Your hands move like lilies
Blooming movements
Flourishing moment

Instinctive feelings are written on a wall in black spray
Thinking they will last forever but they go, like in a Lana del Rey song.
“I’m driving fast, flash, everyone knows it” *

Burning Desire by JACOPO MILIANI is on view at La Plage, Paris until September 9, 2016.

*press release from La Plage

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