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FRANK, Riga, March 2016.
Time is the most profound and the most tragic subject which human beings can think about. One might even say: the only thing that is tragic. All the tragedies which we can imagine return in the end to the one and only tragedy: the passage of time. Time is also the origin of all forms of enslavement.
It is the source of the feeling that existence is nothing. Pascal felt this very deeply. It is the way time flies past which makes men so afraid to think. ‘Entertainment’ is meant to make one forget the course of time. People try to make themselves immortal by leaving things to posterity, but they are nothing but things.
One can bring the introduction to an end by saying that man has an unconquerable urge towards eternity. 
There is an insoluble contradiction between human thought, which can never be brought to bear on time (scientific laws), and human life.
Everything beautiful has a mark of eternity.
SIMONE WEIL, excerpt from Lectures on philosophy [Leçons de philosophie], p. 197, Translated from the French by Hugh Price, Cambridge University Press, 1978. Taken from

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