Max Grau

«[…] craving for narrative» lässt sich einfach nicht gut übersetzen, 2015
HD Video, 24 minutes

You’ll be alright sugar revisited (Goethe), 2014
video, ca. 27 min.

I got to know the work of German artist MAX GRAU last month via the online platform vdrome, which featured his video entitled «[…] craving for narrative» lässt sich einfach nicht gut übersetzen (2015).

MAX GRAU is actually taking the opposite tack of those artists who avoid any narrative in their work. Falling somewhere between video art, and media analysis , GRAU creates funny explorations of thoughts and contexts in which he finds himself.

Both videos that are presented here, consist of fascinating hyperlinked collages that mix texts, art-historical and pop-cultural references. Watching (well, reading) GRAU‘s work is strangely exhilirating: it seems like if you were in the mind of the artist, in which the work of BAS JAN ADER collides with 90s video clips.

MAX GRAU‘s videos are filled with informations, revealing everything, indicating every single sources: a stressed narrative that is finally enough abstract to elude any clear interpretation and to resist a definitive iconographic decryption.

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