Wolfgang Breuer









For about a decade now, WOLFGANG BREUER has been distilling his works on paper, installations and sculptures through a few solo and group exhibitions which can be described as contextual, conceptual and ambiguous. After having seen his current solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern, none of those adjectives could be taken as accurate. Entitled Milka Ritter Sport, the presentation is a fascinating yet unspectacular exhibition where nothing is clear, everything is complicated and just when you think you understand something, you peel off a layer and find deeper complications beneath.

Picked by curiosity, I spent some time speaking, thinking as well as searching about his work and the artist himself. Like his Berner presentation, nothing is given and everything is cryptic. In order to have a kind of anchorage point, here are all the press releases written by the German artist for his solo exhibitions that I found online. His texts if not poems, always give skillfully a lot of information without being explanatory.

I might need a second visit: Milka Ritter Sport by WOLFGANG BREUER is on view at Kunsthalle Bern until April 3, 2016.


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