wfw sound #7. Enrico Boccioletti


It was a special New Year’s Eve. My family dressed a table with strass and paillette.
In the middle, a magnum of champagne was enthroned. The sticker 2 0 0 0 had the 0s turbaned together shaping a chic signature. Daddy gave me 15€, my first ones, he went to exchange for 100 francs. There was no informatics bug, no end of the world, but a new money.
Entitled La Crème (2016), this new wfw sound created by artist ENRICO BOCCIOLETTI revolves, according to the artist, around ‘the survivors’ legacy of the ongoing European “soft apocalypse”, which gently started at the overtaking moment between the 1990s and the 2000s’. The sound is mainly connected to a text (two excerpts are here published) that BOCCIOLETTI wrote together with MARION GOIX for an upcoming publication entitled DID I BORN THE 31 DEC 1999? (2016).
May the end be invisible? Might all the bridges and buildings, all the monuments and palaces, start to crumble when they began to be represented? New soft powers, where iconoclasm and iconolatry coincide. May the end be absence of explanation, or the excess of description?

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